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Eats365 POS

Why Restaurants Should Switch to the Eats365 POS

Restaurants have to keep track of much more than customer orders and payments. They also need to handle backend tracking of things like analytics data, customer satisfaction, employee statistics, best-selling items, and more. Because of this, it is a great help for restaurateurs to use a specialized POS system for restaurants instead of a single-capability credit card system.
The Eats365 POS is made especially to handle all of the varied tracking needs of restaurants as well as making it easy for customers to pay for their meals. It is also resistant to problems like the loss of internet connectivity. If your internet goes down, it will save all of the needed data until a connection is restored. At that point, it will upload everything to the cloud and sync with your account. This is essential for restaurants, who often have customers who can't pay any other way but by credit card and who can't wait for a shaky internet connection before they leave.
Another benefit of this POS system for restaurants is that it can work with multiple connected printers. You can have a printer in the kitchen, in the back office, and up front without worrying about them interfering with each other. Eats365 can even work with individual stations in the same areas, offers multilingual printing options, and lets you customize your printed receipts.
This system works with table service, quick service, or a combination of the two. Such flexibility makes it easy to run your business the way you want to instead of having to conform to software limitations. Start a trial of Eats365 today, and see how much easier it is to work with than old-fashioned POS systems or separate accounting software.

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