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Bern Sovereign Couture

Bern Shoe Marina Bay Link Mall
Bern Shoe second outlet at Marina Bay Link Mall.

When it comes to footwear, finding the right balance between comfort, style, price, and quality isn’t easy, but Bern Sovereign Couture does it effortlessly. This Singaporean fashion label sells beautifully-constructed shoes for both men and women, with a selection that ranges from handmade shoes to machine-produced footwear.

We recently caught up with Gina Ong, Business Development Manager, Sovereign Holdings Pte Ltd, and asked her about Bern’s story. Check out what she had to say below.

Can you tell us how Bern Sovereign got started, what inspired you and what products you offer?

Having the greatest passion and desires for beautifully crafted shoes came about the birth of Bern. Being a label known for only creating stunningly designed shoes under its mother brand, Sovereign Couture, Bern aims to deliver shoes only made of the finest materials to customers around the world. We strive to strike the perfect balance between four key ideals: design, quality, comfort, and price for both the modern men and women today.

What systems and/or technology were you using before you switched to Vend? What is your setup like now in store?

We were using DCS before switching to Vend. Currently, we’re using an iPad, cashbox, and printer provided by EISOL for our POS set up – minimal, which keeps our counter neat and tidy. We would also like to applaud Kelvin from EISOL, as he has guided us through Vend since day 1, and has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable! We faced some problems with creating a website and linking it to Vend, but Kelvin managed to clear up some doubts and assisted us with the integration. This is the best system we’ve invested in, and never looked back since!

Congratulations on opening your second store! How did you come to the decision? How’s the new store going so far?

We decided to launch the new store due to overwhelming feedback. With Vend, things are much simpler, seamless and straightforward. Everything from adding the product, ordering stock, transferring stock, to the sell screen is perfect. It saved us huge amounts of time for stock-taking as well.

How do you create an exceptional experience in-store?

We provide training for our staff, in terms of product knowledge and good customer service. On top of that, we also adopted a customer loyalty program, Advocado, to help us retain customers and for them to enjoy cash rebates on their purchases.

How have you managed your stock since moving to Vend? How did you go managing stock between two stores?

Since moving to Vend, stock-taking has been a breeze as we would only need to whip out phones and scan the barcodes. Managing stock is simple too as we do a weekly stock take for both outlets to prevent and mismatches. It is also easy to view what’s available at each outlet for our cashier.

Both of your stores are located in shopping malls. How do you pull and report data to shopping mall management?

Vend is easily integrated with shopping malls, so our staff do not need to send in reports to the mall manually every day or every month. This saves us a lot of time and prevents human error.

What are you most looking forward to for the rest of the year? Where is Bern Sovereign headed next?

We’re looking forward to the new app, to be able to print barcodes from our phones! Hopefully, Bern will be able to do well and perhaps move to international standards.

Do you recommend Vend? What would you say to other Singaporean retailers about Vend?

Yes, definitely! My message to other retailers? You won’t regret it.

This blog is written by Francesca Nicasio,

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