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Boost productivity with Integration

One of the biggest advantages of SaaS (Cloud POS) is about integration. And it is following the RESTFul standard that is widely adopted globally. This capability makes your SaaS so scalable that it is readily talking to other SaaS software to exchange information.

Most of the SaaS software comes with a list of add-ons software that they pre-built with integration but it is never enough to satisfy the business need. Because of the unique workflow that each business has, to be competitive and add value to their customers. SaaS platform providers can never build every integration to fulfill the business needs.

In EISOL, we start our very first step by thinking about integration and it is our DNA. We built integrations that help the organization to unleashed the potential of Cloud software and stay ahead of the competition. We empower our clients with new potential that they dream of. We believe the enterprise (E) should run with Intelligence (I) from software (SOL)ution.

"I have to spend weeks to issue the bills to my suppliers after every exhibition."

Exhibition organizer


"Our inventory and sales never tally because the department store only gives us daily summary bills where we have to go through a very tedious process to reconcile them. And it is always overdue." 

Consignment retailer


"We sold in Lazada, Shopee, and Qoo10. It is time-consuming for us to manage the products on each platform and tally the sales. We struggle to know how much stock we have."

Marketplace retailer

Workflow Automation

save 1 or more hiring

Let SellerMate lightweight customization save you significant time on crunching data, copy and paste from the different cloud platforms.

Connecting Apps

make headless commerce work

Making wave with to sell online, offline, consignment or on the go. Our lightweight customized platform connects anywhere you sell.

Schedule your task

Let the bot work 24/7

Harness the power of a task scheduler to help you deal with routine and repetitive tasks. We enhanced it to help you automate the most complex process.

Workflow Automation

From managing sales and inventory for consignment locations; automatically generate hundreds of bill to the suppliers who consign to you, or look through consumers' feedbacks and detect complaint cases to improve customer experiences. The power of workflow let your organization perform better and increase competitiveness with automation technology and reduce reliance of human labour.


Instead of spending days for low value activies such as data crunching, your staffs can now focus on high value activies such as sales, and building relationship with customers, or logistic company can consolidate deliveries for same district on the same time slot to reduce trips and increase delivery capacity.

The emerging of Cloud computing has accelerating and moving towards process optimisation, and our workflow solution will be the key for your next transformation and leap frog your business performance.

Automation for your trades

shoes (1).png

Retail shop

Automate stock control combine with your POS data


Beauty salon

Track your customer appointment and remind them


Delivery service

Receive a job, send the item, and notify your client



Collaborate with your exhibitors all at one place


Furniture shop

Simplify and steamline the logistic from sales to delivery 



Managing your inventory and sales for consignment

That's not all! workflow automation can fit in anywhere to boost productivity of a business. Ask yourself if you planning to hire a new employee to clear your clerical backlog or bring in more sales. Automation may be your option if your hiring plan is the former.

Omnichannel Connection

Not all the application can be connected, for example a conventional point-of-sale that limit by the technology, or a software provider who has not offer a public access API. Fortunately, many other cloud software has offer open API for third-party developer to build awesome stuffs around their platform to enhance user experiences and make your business more efficient. Do not under estimate such limitation as lacking of the connectivity will put your business in great advantages compare to those those that can.

Take an example, as a fashion retailer where you use a pos system that has open API, you will always have the option to connect to Lazada, Shopee or Qoo10 when the other platform provide an API that you can use to sync your products, inventory or sales. With such integration, carrying vast amount of products will never be a concern to you, managing the inventory become automated, and you save days to reconcile sales from different platform. Unfortunately, it will be a wishful thought when you are using a close platform. design to help you with product and inventory management for the era of headless commerce, where sales could happen in any channel and managing them has become an uphill task.

Vend API Integration and EISOL data services

Enhanced Schedule Tasks


No matter what business that you are running, there are reports that you need to submit to someone on a regular basis, or getting data from one or multiple systems to prepare for the weekly summary or any other process that happens on a routine basis.


Whether it is a simple task to import some records from your POS system to the accounting software, or complex tasks that required multiple steps to calculate the formula and derived some value before archiving the data, enhanced schedule tasks is what you need to replace manual work leverage on smart automation which give you a reliable outcome that you need to make a business decision or prepare your month-end accounting report.

Our automated schedule solution gives you the power of a highly efficient production line that help you to gather, validate, format your data and deliver it to the subsequent process according to your workflow plan, and give you consistency on time and data accuracy that is ready for important decision making.

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