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Stock Management
at its finest

Stock Request

Formalize request of stock

Stock Requests ensure your inventory supply chain is streamlined and in compliance according to your organization's procurement planning and strategy. FRZ Stock Request integrates with Stock Purchase to automate end-to-end stock control for better productivity gain.

Stock Transfer

Stock transfer with accountability

Moving inventory between your warehouse, outsourcing storage, or among the outlets is easy with FRZ. We help you to track every step to ensure the inventory footprint is traceable and accountable. You can expect a few lost stock and quick delivery with the Stock Transfer function.

Stock Count

Make stock count easy again

FRZ makes it possible for you to run a stocktake with any device anytime you need. It comes with offline capability that your stock count activity will not be disrupted due to connectivity issues. The Stock Count process is governed by the approval process by the manager to ensure accountability and traceability.

Stock Sale

Seize any revenue opportunity

Stock Sale empowers you with the ability to turn an outlet from a cost center into a revenue center while taking care of the inventory movement. It supports both internal sales between your business entity and external sale to your customers.

Audit Trail

Ensure traceability with audit trail

FRZ design with powerful automation and traceability. It captures every touchpoint that will affect the cost of your inventory movement. This information helps you to understand and make business decision using data and aim to improve your business performance in a progressive manner.

Stock Purchase

Fortified procurement strategy

Order your inventory by phone or browser from anywhere. FRZ simplifies the process of stock purchase by giving you the necessary details of any SKU that help you to optimize the inventory level you need using a real-time computing algorithm tapping into your past data.

Stock Consumption

Real-time inventory cost tracking

Tracking the real cost and inventory quantity is now possible with FRZ Stock Consumption function. We develop a highly efficient algorithm that orchestrates the mixed data from POS and your recipe book to deliver the final results in a minute as compared to days of manual work. 

Stock Receiving

Tally inventory receiving quantity

FRZ makes the stock receiving process as easy as a press of a button. The ease of use will ensure your staff will not feel a burden and more willing to participate. That will ensure the success of implementing an effective inventory management strategy from end to end for your business.

Stock Return

Safeguard inventory cost & quality

Wrong items or damaged products incur a loss to your business and dent the quality of your product and services. FRZ Stock Return helps you to manage and measure the supplies' quality that helps to lower cost and has a positive impact on your brand in the long term.

Stock Wastage

Identify the pitfall of revenue lost

Wastage is the primary factor for loss of revenue and increase inventory cost. FRZ Stock Wastage function is designed to capture potential wastage using the pre-set filters or manual overriding. The wastage data are aggregated and transposed into easy to understanding visual chart to help you monitor and make a business decision.

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