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Build a resilient restaurant business with multi channel ordering capability

Manage your online, dine-in and food delivery in ONE scalable platform

Multi channel ordering quickly become a norm for food and beverages industry. F&B struggling to cope with the rapid changes of policies and consumer behaviour. With eats365, you can easily turn on the multi-channel ordering capability to consolidate your orders from any channel.

Don't let the changes affect you, future proof your business with best-in-class POS solutions for today and tomorrow.

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BYOD self ordering



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Digital transformation with PSG Grant

PSG  Pre-approved solution help you to embark on digital evolution with No risk

F&B business is vulnerable to the changes due to high cost, heavy reliance on manpower and operation complexity of the sector. This can be resolved by adopting productivity solution such as Eats365 to upgrade the sector capability with automation. We introduce 5 packages to help F&B in any size to boost their capability and continue the growth with no risk. And it is fully supported by PSG to cover up to 80% of the cost

Do you know EISOL F&B PSG Packages is one of the lowest cost and best value among all PSG packages

static QR code refer to QR code that link to a table and can be use repeatedly and open for spam orders


Not just facilitate dine-in or online ordering but Optimise your operation process

Are you ready for the first wave or still catching up with the later wave

Phase 1 circuit breaker started in relatively short time and phase 2 dine-in permission was announce before it happen 3 days later. Restaurants owner shifted online and dine-in and franticly finding another channel to sell. You sure can be proactive and seize the opportunity!


Eats365 give you all the tools you need to be ready for the unpredictable future, and you are always ready whether the restriction tighten or loosen for the next few months.

Online or Dine-in ready

Queue management

Quick to roll out

Proven worldwide

Grant subsidy

Do you know static QR code display at table tent is not safe for restaurant?

static QR code refer to QR code that link to a table and can be use repeatedly and open for spam orders

Complete restaurant management within one systems

Managing 1 to 100+ restaurants with just one platform

Whether you are startup restaurant or multi outlets restaurant that planning to expand globally. We help you management every aspect of your business, fast track your growth and keep your business resilient to the changes.


We provide over 500+ configuration to help you streamline end to end process and let your staff focus on engaging the customers to give a better customer dining experiences.

500+ workflow configuration

Multi channel ordering

Multi Brands/Countries

Multi languages/currencies

100% up time

Do you know there are average 12.7 millions tourist visited Singapore each year?

POS with multi languages and multi currencies has an advantages to engage more tourists.

Spent time now to save time in the future

Get a free trial to evaluate the features and stability that eats365 can provide to you. Our systems deploy at the most complex restaurants and well received by the client and we have enable online ordering systems for our clients within a day and let them start taking order during phase 1 circuit breaker.

Start your trial before you decided your next restaurant management system.

Dedicated account manager

Trial with real menu

1 time AskEdmund F&B consultancy

No obligation

Trial limited to restaurant and f&b establishment only.

We welcome partnership collaboration, please write to for more details.

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How our clients transform during COVID-19

500 F&B business globally choose Eats365 during COVID-19 to sell online



Eats365 POS and online ordering is seamlessly integrated that make it possible for us to operate tentatively at cloud kitchen during COVID-19 period with minimum staffing as the order automatically received by POS.


Majestic @ Garden by the bay

During COVID-19, we stop all our dine in and that greatly impact the restaurant income. We re-open again at phase 2 and online ordering helping us to stay compliance with safe distancing measure.


Mini mouths by Yemo

Cost cutting become necessary after COVID-19, but we still need to maintain the services level and keep our customer safe. We implement Eats365 BYOD to let customer place order by their phone to achieve both.

Power the future of dining

Let us buy out from your current POS system

Have your business outgrown your IT system? It is time to try eats365

I need an integrated online ordering system

Have you already using another POS software but thinking of upgrading to Eats365 for better features, stability, or pricing? The good news is we have a plan for you, because Eats365 is so good and we really hope you can try, we have launch a buyout programs to help you transition out with zero risk. Best part of it is you do not have to buy new hardware again.

Buy out plan for iPad POS

Buy out plan for conventional pos

Eats365 Test drive program

AskEdmund F&b consultancy Service

I need multi-outlets CRM to grow my customer base

I need an integrated online ordering system

I need to manage my franchise brand business

I want to let my order from their phone

Keep your restaurant operate with Eats365

Office address

10 Ubi Cres, #05-77

Ubi Techpark

Singapore 408564

Hotline. (65) 6681 6538

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