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Bring your menu into the 21 st Century and add real wow-factor to your customers’ ordering experience. Eats365's PhotoMenu provides endless customization options in a simple-to-use package that lets you create a stunning menu in no time at all.

Seamless Integration with POS

Eats365 eMenu systems is fully integrated with the Eats365 POS so that you don’t have to deal with two separate systems. With the coupled systems, you get to spend more time to create better offering without worrying about making mistake on pricing or items that has stop selling. Your menus is always up to date!

Approval Process

To give you better order control, the Eats365 eMenu systems provides an optional approval process. Orders placed through the eMenu can automatically be routed to the Eats365 POS and mPOS for acceptance. Servers can get to confirm with customers before sending order to kitchen.

Inventory Tracking

By enabling inventory tracking for your food items, you are always in control and prevent customers from placing orders to items that has limited quantity. It is automated and your customer will not be disappointed for about their orders not being available.

Stationary & Mobile Modes

You can set up your eMenu according to your needs. This means you can opt for a setup better suited for stationary units or handouts to guests, similar to a traditional menu. In stationary mode, the eMenu is fixed with a table number, while in mobile mode, your server can select the table number before handing it to your guests.  With all the enticing photos you can add of menu items, your eMenu can act like advertising signage in whatever mode you opt for. 

Multi-language Support

Appeal to a wider range of customers by offering your menu in their native language. Eats365 has multi-language support that allows you to display your menu in several different languages including Traditional and Simplified Chinese, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. Setup is as simple as adding your language of choice to menu items, which will then accordingly be displayed on the Eats365 POS, eMenu, Self-Service Kiosk and User App. 


Queue Ticketing

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