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Rewardly Pay is a contemporary payment platform designed for the needs of modern businesses. It boasts robust automation capabilities and seamless integration with contemporary business applications, empowering merchants to accept payments swiftly and reliably across various selling channels and workflows.

Featuring off-the-shelf integration with Rewardly CommerceOS, Rewardly Pay enables merchants to collect in-person payments using Wi-Fi-enabled mobile payment terminals or to accept payments via QR online ordering. Additionally, it integrates with third-party business apps to streamline payment management effectively.

Rewardly Pay offers enterprise-level capabilities, facilitating connections for businesses or brands with complex workflows. This includes integration with IoT devices for vending machines or unmanned shops and automating hospitality workflows with a unified payment system across multiple touch-points.


Features that empowering

Fast Onboarding

Trim the waiting time for the approval to as fast as 3 days has a huge impact to your business especially when you are a new store which you want to give your customer best impression.


Ready to Integrate

One payment system for all the places you are selling is here today. We offer a turnkey solution that you can start using it immediately and keeping your records tally from frontend to the backend.

Cloud Native Design

From application to approval, and tracking your money. No paperwork, just digital copy. We are here to save your time so that you can focus more on doing important things for your business.

Secure and Stable

Mitigate the risk of unable to accept payment caused by the frequent service disruption. We are always online so that you can depends on us to sell and collect payment


Synchronise your receipt from POS and tally them can be done in a minute. We can already see the grin on your face when the accounting reconciliation no longer a daily or monthly routine.

Enterprise Ready

We offer bespoke project to help you increase your competitive advantages by upgrading the guest experience with latest payment technology using our agile framework.

Mobile Payment


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