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Online E Commerce Management

Online E Commerce Management Isn't Just for Websites Anymore

There was a time when credit card processors considered e-commerce to be a completely separate category from brick-and-mortar retailing. This meant that the POS systems used were totally separate – with a different e commerce provider and physical card processor - and that the customer experience was also notably different between a physical store and its web counterpart. Obviously, this was not ideal. Now, backend providers have finally caught up.
Today, an e commerce provider can handle electronic shopping and physical store sales through the same account and interface. You no longer need a variety of accounts, types of equipment to process all of your transactions. Instead, you can use a cloud-based POS system that integrates with your website and also allows you to enter physical transactions. Everything works through your wireless internet connection, so you can even use your tablet or laptop for physical transactions if you choose.
This makes online e commerce management easier than ever. Instead of having accounts for three or four different processing companies, you can take care of it all with just one or two. You are also given more freedom at your physical locations. You aren't tied to using a landline or investing hundreds of dollars per unit in credit card swipe machines. Instead, you can run everything through standard iPads or similar equipment.
If you don't want your salespeople to have to walk around collecting credit card information from people, you can mount your iPads at registers. Your customer experience will be familiar to people, and you'll get all of the benefits of the modern system. This allows you to get the perfect blend of experience and technology. Meanwhile, your online e commerce management will run just as automatically as it should.

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