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Boost profit and increase brand visibility with Rewardly

Define customer journey with powerful omnichannel CRM & reward systems. Create a magnetic brand that attracts new customer and keep your existing one happy, building a profitable and resilient business. Rewardly connect your customer to your store and eCommerce anytime and anywhere.

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The unique advantages of Rewardly

Lifetime licensing

Rewardly let you keep every customer that you signup for and never have to worry about losing them. Because Rewardly gives you a lifetime license without a subscription.

POS Integrated

Your customer will be delighted how Rewardly connects to your pos system as it is not just integrated but also interactive between you and your customers.

Unique campaign

Every brand desire to build a unique reward program to engage with their customers. Rewardly empowers you with interchangeable programs that you can easily achieve this.


Business growth and Rewardly is always ready to expand when you are adding more outlets or ready to sell online. Rewardly is built for omni-channel.


Rewardly built-in with workflow automation to save your time and automatically engage your customer when they signup as a member or refer a customer.


We benchmark the speed of the century sprint and made Rewardly so easy for member to signup, and even best that they never have to install any application on their phone.

Grow your business with Rewardly


Extend the reach of your brand to all channels

Acquiring new customers

Help your team to sign up a customer in seconds or sign up your customer through anywhere your brand is exposed to. Rewardly integrated with popular pos systems where your existing customer can sign up with just a click of a button. There’s nothing else that is simpler than this, so your team can focus on what they are best at, sell more!

  • Simple and fast to sign up a new member

  • Attract new member from multiple channels

  • Turn existing member to brand advocates

  • Get new members with promo campaign


Simplify how you engage your customers

Engaging existing customers

Keep it simple and frictionless for your customer to deal with you. Launch a new programs in a matter of a day and make it available for your customers to participate immediately. Rewardly is about giving your customer awesome experience and supercharged your brand to attract new customers and retain your existing clients.

  • Entice members to return with revisit reward

  • Personalised engagement on special occasions

  • Curate a engagement journey with multiple programs

  • Outbound messaging to target group of customers


Give your customers a reason to visit you again

Upselling to your customers

Generate more sales by telling your customer new products that hitting your stores, or new menu for the season. You customer like to be pampered with excitement you curated for them and they are ready to buy from you. Rewardly empowered you to engage them all with planned messaging that you can defined in Rewardly.

  • Hassle free reward redemption process

  • Combo deal to increase ticket size and sales

  • Create campaign that motivate customers to join


The data-driven customer engagement campaign

Data driven reward campaign

Every campaign that you launch in Rewardly collected a large amount of data from the users. This data provides insights into their preference that tell you to do and don’t. We help you to transform them into an actionable plan for your next campaign so that you can take the guesswork out of your marketing plan.

  • Analyse customer shopping behaviour

  • Real time reports and dashboard

  • Automated data tagging for better reporting


Data security and PDPA

Data safety is our priority

We are working hard to ensure KYC, encryption, and authentication are properly function and always working as intended. We treated your data as if like our most important assets and always keep a watchful eye on it.

  • Secure SSL access

  • Secure encryption for customer data

  • Data center comply with international standard

  • Biometric user verification

Powerful tools for your Loyalty campaign

Loyalty point.png

Loyalty point

Reward your customer with loyalty point on each dollar they spent.



Signup a customer in seconds and build an awesome membership journey

Cash back1.png

Cash back

Giving discount or cash back to your member with the rules you defined



Powerful voucher and coupon system that integrate to your POS system

Store value.png

Store value

Secure future sales with Store value systems that your member can pre-purchase



Let your campaign spread like viral and acquire member with lowest cost.

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