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Unlock the power of the cloud with best of breed business add-ons.

Add-ons for every industry mean you can increase efficiency just where you need it, and save time and money.

Sync your store with Xero to make accounting easy.

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Xero is easy to use, powerful online accounting software built for small business. Run the world’s best retail using Vend and Xero.

Automatically sync daily sales totals, account sales and payment totals from Vend to Xero for easy bank reconciliation.

Post your cost-of-goods-sold to Xero for real-time visibility into your business’s true performance.

Import contacts and manage customers in both Vend and Xero.

Stock orders post from Vend as accounts payable invoices to keep track of outstanding purchases.

Invoice your customers, receive payments and manage balances in either platform.

Grow sales with loyalty marketing automation.

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Grow sales in-store and online with smart, targeted loyalty marketing automation that gets results.

Marsello combines automation and real human experts to run targeted retention marketing.

From loyalty and VIP programs, to customer feedback and segmented email automation, Marsello does the hard work for you.

Marsello works with Vend and your chosen ecommerce store to grow sales, in-store and online.

Managing your staffing with Deputy

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With Vend and Deputy, you can easily schedule staff, assign tasks and track employee performance.

Record staff clock in/out with geo-location or photo verification.

Track your store’s daily performance against staff scheduling and wages.

Roster based on hard data and performance reports and lower the risk of understaffing or overstaffing.

Communicate easily using staff-wide announcements, targeted messaging and task lists.

Automatically create timesheets when employees clock in/out with Deputy Kiosk iPad app or Deputy mobile.

The best of the cloud just gets better.

View all the apps that integrate beautifully with Vend to improve your business.

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