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Casa Roma Restaurante

Authentic Italian restaurant at Bukit Timah

About Casa Roma

Casa Roma restaurant is located in Bukit Timah, a chilled-out and exclusive residential area located about 15 minutes’ drive away from the vibrant Orchard road. The restaurant was established in 1996 as Ristorante Roma, and later on it was renamed to Casa Roma. During the last 20 years, they have worked with many Italian chefs from Piemonte, Roma, Napoli, Puglia and Sicily, carefully maintaining the traditional Italian taste and quality until this very day. Each cuisine is carefully prepared with the best ingredients imported from Italy and Europe to maintain its authenticity.

Love our food

We are passionate about our food and always strive to deliver the most authentic cuisine according to its origin. Making Pizza is easy but to offer one that upholds the consistency of flavour and authenticity you need skills and practice. Our regular customer continues to support us for the same reason and we take pride in it when they revisiting us.

We care about the quality and choose to use import ingredients that cannot be replicated from the locally sourced ingredients. Our commitment is to provide a secluded dining place that diner gets to relax and enjoy our food and our choice of wines.

If you are not a fan of Pizza, you won't be disappointed with standard western restaurant menus such as Steak, Pasta and desserts.


Casa Roma is a full-service western restaurant and the workflow from ordering, kitchen preparation to serving are usually formal. Casa Roma position themselves as a casual and family-friendly western restaurant yet maintain the standard workflow of the western restaurant. The waiter will take orders from the table by the seat number, the order will send to kitchen and print at the order printer for preparation. The waiter gets to serve the food accurately with additional seat info which avoiding food auctioning scenario during peak hours.

Love your POS

We are happy with the Eats365 Point-of-Sale as it is very stable and easy to use. The iPad POS system is packed with a lot of features that can help us to automate our operation when we are more settled with the new platform. We love the combo meal, and time schedule menu function as it really helps to automate and control the order taking process especially when we get help from temp staffs who are less familiarize with our workflow.

It is a highly recommended restaurant management system that is practical, efficient and not sugar coating with fancy features that we probably never going to use. And it is scalable and allow us to add on with useful features down the road when we change concepts or expanding.

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