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Feast Your Eyes on the Top 14 Must-Try Online Digital Food Ordering Platforms!

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The F&B industry has long been grappling with several challenges, such as a shortage of workforce, high operational costs, and intense competition, leading many businesses to fail. However, digital ordering has emerged as a game-changing solution for leveraging mobile phone technology's power and offering customers additional order channels. Doing so enables customers to order their food without relying on waiters, thus streamlining operations and improving efficiency.

Moreover, digital ordering is aligned with the Food Services Industry Digital Plan (IDP), which aims to shift consumer behavior towards digital ordering, e-commerce, and food delivery to help SMEs in the food services industry overcome their challenges. The solution has proven especially useful during the COVID-19 pandemic, serving as the primary channel for consumers to continue ordering from their favorite restaurants while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

A key advantage of digital ordering is its ability to seamlessly connect to existing POS systems using API function, streamlining restaurant operations and enabling efficient order fulfillment. The connected suite of solutions can also address other issues, such as food waste management, by leveraging the input data from digital ordering and POS systems.

As the F&B industry evolves, digital ordering has become critical to its transformation. By embracing this technology, businesses can overcome existing challenges, enhance operations, and stay competitive in an ever-changing market.

We have curated a list of digital ordering solutions that F&b owners, Restaurant and Cafe operators, Hawkers, and any other food industries stakeholders can consider while planning to upgrade their ordering channels and using the technology to tackle some challenges has plagued the trade without sustainable solutions.

1. Rewardly Order!

Rewardly Order! is a digital ordering solution that stands out with its value-for-money features and practicality. It offers a comprehensive range of features that allow F&B businesses to streamline their operations, increase customer engagement, and boost revenue.

Rewardly Order! Empower F&B businesses to support various order types, including dine-in, takeout, pre-order, and delivery, making it a versatile solution for the merchant. The ultra-lightweight platform makes starting easy with just a web app and expands to the branded native app when the business grows.

With the build membership and loyalty CRM program, Rewardly Order! Make it more appealing to the new customers to try out their first Order and existing customers to continue using it with the accumulated rewards they have earned from past orders. It helps the merchant to solve the most complex part of their business, the repeating business!

Rewardly Order also offers perpetual licensing, which means businesses can enjoy the platform's benefits without worrying about the cost burden of recurring subscription fees. The pricing makes it a cost-effective solution for companies to save money in the long term. They can enjoy the free software upgrade in the future product roadmap.

Rewardly Pay - The integrated payment gateway in Rewardly Order! Allow the merchants to accept almost any payment method available in Singapore and Malaysia. The streamlined process makes it easier for customers to pay for their orders, increasing the likelihood of them returning for more. Rewardly Pay has a low MDR and no fixed transaction fees, making it inexpensive for small F&b businesses.

In summary, Rewardly Order is a value-for-money digital ordering solution that offers a complete range of features to help F&B businesses grow. Its unique benefits, including perpetual licensing, integrated payment gateway, and membership and loyalty program, make it a standout choice for companies looking to be successful in F&b digital ordering.

2. McDonald's

The McDonald's Mobile Order app is the perfect solution for customers who love the convenience of mobile ordering. As a restaurant that needs no introduction, McDonald's has created a purpose-built app that is easy to use and has all the functions you need to order your next Filet-O-Fish or any other favorite menu items.

The app includes a variety of features to ensure a seamless ordering experience. Customers can easily find the nearest McDonald's restaurant, order their food, and choose to have it delivered or pick it up in-store. The payment integration feature ensures that customers can quickly check out and pay for their orders.

The app rewards loyalty with points, free drinks, and discount meals for those who frequently order from McDonald's. It's worth keeping the app on your phone for these perks alone.

It's important to note that the McDonald's Mobile Order app is exclusively for ordering McDonald's food. However, this app is an excellent choice for those who love McDonald's and the convenience of mobile ordering.

The McDonald's Mobile Order app is a must-have for any McDonald's fan who loves the convenience of mobile ordering. With features like easy restaurant location finding, ordering, payment integration, and loyalty rewards, it's an excellent solution for anyone looking to order their favorite McDonald's meals quickly and easily.

3. Oddle Eats

Oddle, a platform established in 2014, has developed expertise and experience in the F&B industry, enabling restaurants to control their online sales, visibility, and operations better. With a hands-on approach, the Oddle team helps merchants succeed with pricing strategies, menu optimization, processes, and logistics, allowing restaurants to serve their online customers seamlessly. Food startups can bring their best food to consumers without intermediaries or hidden costs by using the Oddle platform.

Oddle aims to democratize online restaurant ordering, requiring no setup cost to join. Business owners pay a 10 percent commission fee per Order, which covers payment gateway and customer support costs. The platform allows restaurants to choose between using their drivers or Oddle's logistics partners, giving them control over their delivery fe