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Top 11 Consumer Loyalty Program in Singapore

Updated: Jan 15

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1. Rewardly
2. Flex Reward
3. Poket
4. Ascentis
5. Advocado
6. Capillary
7. Edenred
8. CapitaStar
9. Rewardz
10. StarCRM
11. Yuu

One way or the other, we are the "customer" and being the customer we never reject a good deal finally made a purchase decision. A successful consumer loyalty program should never stop giving their customer a sense of good deal or it has little reason to continue running it.

Customer loyalty program is getting popular across the world and exposing to their target audience (consumer) in every channel and every one at all time! If we look closer to the loyalty program and the information that it delivered, it can easily trace back to some form of advertisement. The advertisement is intent to deliver the information about a product or service, highlight the advantages of it, and entice the viewer with urgency of getting one before losing the opportunity to own something awesome at a cheaper price. Advertisement with such careful calibration can never fail to attract attention.

Consumer loyalty programs are more powerful than the advertisement as it capture the consumer identity, profile them while deliver advertisement like contents. And modern technology empowered the loyalty program with powerful penetration to reach the audience almost everywhere in the world as long as Internet connectivity is available.

Singapore is known for developed digital economy while we are fame in many other aspect. Most of the business are aware of the digital transformation and harness the cloud computing technology to grow their business. And that made us one of the fore runner in digital economy globally.

Many SME has enjoy increase of productivity, ease of managing the business and accelerate business growth beyond Singapore with various digital solutions. When the digital transformation continue to accelerate, there are increasing focus on direct engagement with end consumer and consumer loyalty programs gaining traction rapidly.

In this article, we have evaluating a few consumer loyalty programs that is available in Singapore that SME can consider for their business. The order sequence of the loyalty program does not interpret its superiority.

1. Rewardly

"Life is Rewarding!"

Launch in 2019. Rewardly offers a practical and effective solution to accelerate sales and increase branding visibility using mobile-first technology. They work with strategic partners like eats365 and Lightspeed to provide an interactive customer reward program that is easy to manage and automate.

Rewardly offers a highly competitive perpetual licensing model for which the small business only needs to pay one-time licensing fees without recurring annual licensing. They emphasize the importance of runway for any business to build successful brands, and the recurring pricing model does not suit small businesses with limited resources and risk endurance.

They offer a full stack of rewards schemes, including loyalty points, membership, digital stamps, store value, prepaid packages, referrals, and more. And Rewardly added additional micro-programs such as Rewardly Orders!, Rewardly Book!, Rewardly Found!, and Rewardly Pay! to complete the customer engagement journey within Rewardly ecosystems.


Rewardly focuses on engaging customers and building a win-win relationship between merchants and the end consumer. Hence the platform offers one of the richest functionalities merchants can use to design a unique customer engagement workflow and highlight their branding. Rewardly also offers a coalition reward scheme called Rewardly World that is fully managed by Rewardly to proactively reach out to the target audiences and help merchants to expand their reach beyond geographical limits.

Rewardly encompasseswealthiest the following essential functions in its platform,

Loyalty Point System
  • Flexibility to set up spent to earn point or dollar loyalty programs.

  • Ability to configure spent-to-earn ratio and point redemption ratio

  • Variable point earning scheme with advanced condition setting

  • Configure loyalty point redemption method according to merchants' need

  • Multi-tiers membership loyalty earning scheme

  • Integration with other programs such as vouchers, referrals, and stamps

Multi-tiers Membership
  • Rules-driven auto upgrade and downgrade of membership

  • Validity and expiry setting for membership

  • Paid membership setting

Cashback and Discount
  • Flexible configuration for percentages or dollar discount

  • Allow merchants to configure immediate or post-use schemes.

  • Integrated with other programs, such as membership

Voucher Systems
  • Flexible voucher scheme for discounts, free items, or bundle products

  • Automated voucher issuing systems

  • V