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The 14 Best ePOS POS system for SME Singapore in 2022~2023

Updated: 2 days ago

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ePOS POS systems help you to manage the transaction in a very efficient way by minimizing human errors and increasing the speed of your transaction accounts. If you have been stressed by dealing with countless customers we can help you find the best ePOS POS systems that make your day easier by managing all payments and other operations with an automated system.

A good pos system can help you take orders as well as monitoring inventory are complicated tasks that can be especially susceptible to calculation or documentation errors. An excellent automated management system can reduce the chances of such errors occurring, besides also reducing your work.

Check out the list of best ePOS POS systems in Singapore for retail and F&b to find out how they work and which features cater to your business needs.

What's new?

Jan 25, 2023 - Added TableReady POS to our featured blogs.

Nov 10, 2022 - Rewardly is now integrated with eats365 POS for digital ordering and menu browsing function.

Aug 22, 2022 - Lightspeed Retail X (Vend) is now a PSG Pre-approved POS solution under the SMEGoDigital program administered by IMDA

May 5, 2022 - Eats365 launching the Eats365 Biz app to help small and micro F&b businesses (Kiosk, hawkers, cloud kitchen operators) adapt to the digital ordering landscape. The solution helps to mitigate challenges faced by business owners to consolidate and organize orders from multiple channels.

Mar 11, 2021 - Lightspeed POS Inc., a provider of cloud-based, omnichannel commerce platforms, today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Vend Limited (Vend), a cloud-based retail management software company for 350 million. For more details visit this link

Jun 07, 2021 - Lightspeed buys Ecwid for $500M; NuOrder for $425M in ongoing e-commerce consolidation play. Vend + Ecwid + Grab Merchant Commerce provide true omnichannel solution encompass POS, eCommerce and Marketplace solution to Singapore retailers.

22 Dec, 2021 - Eats365 POS launch the first DIY order and payment kiosk for full service and quick service restaurant.

Best SME POS system and Digital Ordering system in Singapore

1. Vend POS System a.k.a Lightspeed Retail XPOS System a.k.a Lightspeed Retail X
2. Eats365 F&B POS SystemF&B POS System
3. Shopify iPad Point of Saleof Sale
4. TableReady POSPOS
5. ShopKeep
6. Lightspeed Retail POS SoftwarePOS Software
7. Revel Systems
8. TouchBistro
9. SquareUp POSPOS
10. Loyverse POSPOS
11. HikeUp POSPOS 
12. Sapaad POSPOS 
13. Bindo POSPOS 
14. Erply POSPOS


1. Vend POS System a.k.a Lightspeed Retail X

Vend is the world best retail pos system

BEST FOR POS system for online, marketplace and shop

PRICING Starts at SGD89 per month


PHONE +65 66816538

Vend offers the best tools that all retailers should have to manage the store more efficiently. There are 25,000 businesses from different sizes using Vend for selling in stores and online, tracking the available stock, and managing available inventory at their warehouse.

Running on iPad, or PC, Vend provides the flexibility of the choice of pos hardware that retailers prefer and easily set up to run business. Most leading businesses use Vend for a good reason, its intuitive design makes customers transactions and employee training effortless. It also gives business owners real-time data and insightful analytics to make good decisions.

Vend empowers your business to do more with lesser cost, helping you to transform from traditional bricks and mortar to omnichannel retailer and sell on every channel. This innovative technology has plenty of features to help you succeed. Contact them now for a demo

Video Demo

9 mins video to show you how we defined "Best Point-of-sale" that Vend can provide to help you grow your brand.