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Majestic One Restaurant

Tech driven Chinese fine dining restaurant

About Majestic One

Established since January 2006, the award-winning Majestic Restaurant under the umbrella of Unlisted Collection features contemporary Chinese cuisine helmed by internationally renowned, award-winning owner-Chef Yong Bing Ngen.

A good Chinese chef should have a strong basic foundation of Chinese cooking skills and also be continuously exposed to the different ingredients and produce available in the market.” quoted by Chef Yong.

Love our food

The cuisine is contemporary Chinese cuisine served on individual plating. Chef’s specialties include the Combination platter of crispy wasabi prawn, pan seared foie gras, Peking duck and organic greens, Stewed noodles with Boston lobster, ginger and scallion, Pan seared fillet of U.S ribeye in sesame sauce and Korean kimchi, Claypot rice with kampong chicken and Chilled ‘Mao Shan Wang’ durian with gula Malacca.

The restaurant also has a wide selection of wines to compliment the delectable cuisine it serves.


Chinese Restaurant operation has one of the most complex workflow in F&b trade where not many POS systems are able to handle the workflow or workload during peak hours like dinner.

We work closely with Majestic One team and eats365 while implementing the systems to the outlet such as mapping the order chit to the right kitchen station, and consolidated list to cashier and side station for waiters. We also help the client to input the menu to ensure that the staffs can easily navigate and find the menu items.

We deploy our support team to standby at the outlet to assists and advise the staffs at the starting to ensure smooth operations and minimal disruption due to new platform.

Love your POS

Eats365 is easy to use and very stable POS systems compare to others. Most of the cloud based POS systems required Internet connection but Eats365 can still function and print the order to kitchen even when the network is down. This help us a lot to prevent chaotic situation when the POS systems is down in the middle of peak hours.

The support from EISOL team is also important where the team is able to response quickly when there is any problem. Special thanks to Leslie who show the dedication and commitment from beginning until now. With smooth operation we can focus more on value added services like up sell new dishes and provide better hospitality to the patrons.

Behind the Scene

We have implemented eats365 Point of sale (POS) for Majestic One Restaurant.

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