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Expedite Display

Give packers and expediters the most effective tools to increase kitchen workflow and keep track of orders. Keep customers happy by reducing waiting times and preventing mix-ups from occurring.


Comprehensive order view

Packers and expediters can see and keep track of all orders and items from a single display. Each order shows key information such as all individual items per order, quantity per item, table number, how long ago each order was placed and more.

Easily mark items

Packers and Expediters can check-off items that have been packed or prepared for better order management. Marked items are clearly indicated with a green check mark.

Comprehensive order history

Easily view completed orders and recall them when needed, to rectify errors or to edit orders.

Complete order and call for pickup

Seamlessly call for order pickup when an order is complete. The Expedite Display works in conjunction with the Eats365 Pickup Display to instantly show the corresponding order number for pick up.

Color-coded orders

Orders will be indicated with different colors based on how long ago they were placed. This allows for packers and expediters to prioritize orders and minimize customer waiting times.

Integrated pager calling system

After completing an order, easily call customers to pick up their meals via pager. This adds extra convenience and also helps free up staff members. 



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