Shopping mall GTO integration

Shopping mall GTO integration empower you to operate your business in the shopping mall and stay compliance to integrate your POS systems with shopping mall for sales submission.

Who need
Shopping mall GTO service

When operating inside a shopping mall, tenants are required to submit daily sales to the shopping mall or the mall appointed agents for GTO (Gross Turn Over) rental. As this is a term and condition stated in the tenancy agreement, the tenant will need to stay compliant to avoid penalty fees or paying POS sales rental based on estimation (usually significantly higher).

How can we help

EISOL Shopping mall integration services launch in 2012 and fully focus on helping cloud-based POS users to connect their POS to the mall. We have built a comprehensive platform to automate sales computation and submission to fulfill both tenant and mall requirements including filtering logic to segregate non-revenue transactions such as redemption of store credit, gift card or loyalty so you will not be overcharged. Our platform automatically detects errors resend and when submission failure happens.

Supported  solutions & connected malls

EISOL Shopping mall GTO service currently support all major shopping mall in Singapore and Malaysia, that transmitting data through common network protocol including modern approach such as RESTFul API, or SOAP. Depends on the mall requirements, we are able to transpose the data set to granular level of SKU or high level summary by daily, batch or real time.

FAQ for mall integration

Why do I need shopping mall integration service?

If you have a retail shop or restaurant operate in the shopping mall in Singapore or Malaysia, it is likely that your tenancy agreement has a clause stated that you are obligate to submit sale data (either by transaction, or daily total) to the shopping mall in a timely manner. As this is terms in the agreement, you must comply and ensure your POS systems can help you with the submission automatically. Which is why we provide agnostic GTO submission services for POS systems that has open API such as Vend, SquareUp, Shopify, HikeUp, Eats365.

Do I have to use the "Compatible POS" recommended by mall?

You can choose any POS system that suite your business model and not restrict you choice to purchase a particular POS system that may not work for you. EISOL Shopping mall integration using more advanced approach that do not need any patching or installation of hardware in your shop and able to integrate with any POS software that has public API. As a result, choosing a POS systems with public accessible API will save you a lot of problem especially when you need to feed your trade data to 3rd party.

Why do I need to pay for shopping mall integration service?

We build the shopping mall integration services and enhance it to ensure timely submission and smart filtering that allow you to segregate sales that not obligate to send to the mall. This services ensure that you are always compliances with GTO guideline and not over declare your sales which can save you money and time. Hence what you are paying is a small sum compare to the time and money you benefits from our platform.

How do I get started with the mall integration service?

Please provide us with the POS solution that you currently using. If your solutions already listed in our table above, we can get it done pretty quickly. If your solutions is not listed, please provide us with the public API document supply by your POS vendor and we will develop the integration script (usually within 1 week) and connect your account with the shopping mall IT vendor. You should also contact the shopping mall IT vendor to apply for a mall integration account and copy us in the email loop. So that we can follow up and help you to answer to the technical questions listed in the form. Once we completed above tasks you can leave it to us and focus to sell more!

How does the shopping mall integration (GTO) work?

There are 2 appraoch for the mall integration. 1. Your POS system will trigger a submission automatically upon completion of a sale transaction. If it is a void transaction, it should follow send a negative value (depends on the specification provided by mall IT vendor) to offset previous transaction. This method usually use for shopping mall that required individual sale transaction submission. 2. Your POS system will start a script when cashier close the shift (close register) and the script will retrieve all the sales, aggregate the to a total and submit to the shopping mall server.






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