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POS System For Salons

A POS System for Salons and Spas Meets Unique Needs

For many salons and spas, getting customers set up is a multi-stage process not seen in other customer-facing situations. This is because they require appointments as well as payments. Typically, people call in to make appointments, come at the designated time, and then pay for the service. This is very time-consuming for the business as well as being a bit of a hassle for customers.
A POS system for salons helps to eliminate some of this hassle. It allows customers to set up appointments online, thereby lowering call volume at the front desk. When services are standardized, a POS system for spas or salons can also accept payments in advance. This not only gets rid of the unpleasantness of having to pay on the way out, but motivates people to actually come for their appointments.
Many customers really don't like to pay on the day of their service. This is because having to pay isn't fun, even if your staff is very polite. When it is done earlier, through a POS system for salons, the customer can enjoy her or his new look without thinking about the money at the same time. Customers will therefore be happier about their experience.
A POS system for spas works the same way, and allows both appointments and payments to be made. In both situations, businesses can look forward to fewer missed appointments and less stress at the front desk. The more people use the online appointment feature, the less chance there will be of a "traffic jam" on the phones, thereby allowing more appointments to be made on all channels.

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