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Condense the most useful features of tableside ordering into the palm of your hand. Our mPOS module offers extra mobility, extra functionality and extra efficiency so that your wait staff can interact better with customers and take their orders quickly and professionally.

Convenient Tableside Ordering

Allow your staff to take tableside orders and payments in the most efficient manner possible. Our mPOS combines the functionality of a POS in the form factor of a mobile device so tableside orders can be taken almost instantly. Flexible payment options make handling payments a breeze. 

Table Status & Order Tracking

Easily keep track of table statuses directly from the mPOS for better table management. Orders are also intuitively displayed on the mPOS so staff can easily manage orders and deliver them in an efficient manner. 

Payments Made Easy

Electronic payments can be made directly using the mPOS. With multiple payment types accepted per region, your customers will have an easy time paying. Our mPOS can also split bills by item or price and merge bills for the smoothest customer experience possible. 

Pay at table

Eats365 provide pay at table solutions that can save your time and enhance customer dining experiences. Talk to us to find out more.

Image by Tim Mossholder

The real pay at table service that does not hold up your POS system



Customer Display

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