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Enishi DanDan noodles restaurant

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

The Michelin Bib Gourmand award winner in Kobe

About Enishi

It is a small restaurant with 9 seats surrounding the kitchen where the chef will serve up the meal to you. Enishi received the "Michilin Bib Gourmand" award in Kobe, Japan, has opened in the International Plaza in Singapore and only prepare 100 bowls of Ramen a day.

Unlike most of the Ramen restaurant that serving "Tonkotsu" (pork bone broth), Enishi using "Konbu" (edible kelp) primarily for their soup stock, which is an uprising trend in Japan as the "Tonkotsu" ramen is sun-setting.

Enishi culinary staff consists solely of actual Japanese chefs who are dedicated to the use of Japanese ingredients to ensure the patron get to taste the original flavor.

To know more about Enishi, you can visit

Where are we

International Plaza, #02-85A

Love our food

One of the "occupation hazard" being F&B POS vendor is that we are so exposed to the indulgence of great food. And DanDan noodles is the favorite of EISOL team the team religiously patronize the restaurant once a month reminiscing the taste of Michelin worthy dishes. Occasionally we may get special treatment from the restaurant with additional serving of Snaffle's catch cake if the manager is around!


A small restaurant that majority of the space taken up by Kitchen, it is important to optimize the traffic flow, the order sequencing and billing process to remove bottleneck of the process. We advice Enishi to change the entrance, cashier point and exit which has increase the turns and keeping the traffic in order during lunch hour.

Love your POS

We are approached by a few other POS vendor but decided to go with Eats365 as it is the most features rich POS systems compare to others, beside of the benefits of cloud systems. This giving us an option that if we are changing our concepts or expanding to more outlets, we can immediately add those functions and go live.

After using for a few months, we are happy of the result as the systems is stable and accurate on the daily register closure report. We were told that it has Japanese language pack which we can easily toggle the language for our Japanese colleague.

- Eileen Tan

Behind the scene

To manage the peak hour rush and lesser dependency on head count, we implemented eats365 iPad POS, and BYOD ordering to Enishi.

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