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Snapify App for Vend

We made Snapify app to make the world best retail solution even better when it come to inventory management. The Snapify app design to integrate with your Vend account to enable inventory management on your iOS devices. It has offline mode to allow you to manage your inventory when Internet connection is limited at the far end of your warehouse or when you are oversea to procure new stock. Try Snapify App today!









Increase 400% speed on stock management

Now you can add new product, order the stock and perform other stock control activities via iOS devices and synchronize with Vend on every steps.

We build Snapify with collaboration with multi outlets retailers to address most time consuming tasks and design an app that allow them to complete the tasks at the iOS devices.

With Snapify app, we help to shorten the time you spend on uploading products into Vend before start selling them, or let your outlet's staff to request stock from warehouse or other outlets through their phone, and warehouse personnel take care of the stock picking before shipping to the requesting outlet for stock receiving.

Managing all stock movement projects at one place

Snapify for Vend is design to keep your tasks streamlined and easy to manage. No matter what type of stock movement project you going to do, it always started as a projects and we make it so easy for you to keep track of the status just next to each project.

With real time sync with your VendHQ account, the status of your stock order will display to the Vend back office immediately when you update the status. Or, if your colleague help you to finish the stock receiving, Snapify will synchronize with your VendHQ and update on the app.

Get started to experience the most efficient way of managing complex stock movement with Snapify for Vend.

Making stock purchase quicker and easier

Making a trip to purchase your stock at your supplier office or factory can be easier.

With Snapify for Vend stock purchase function that work online and offline, you will never miss out a new item in your purchase list. Snapify for Vend let you take photo or record audio and record it into the phone and you can work on the details later.

All your new products and inventory get to synchronize over to your Vend account when you need it to.

Streamline stock request from store 

Some of your stock probably selling faster than expected and you need to replenish stock quickly from the warehouse or other available outlets.

Snapify for Vend help you to streamline the stock request, picking and receiving and overcome the constraint that you can only make a request through and minimize the error due to the rush.

Your warehouse staffs are informed when request was posted and picking become easier with the SKU list showing on the app.

When items arrived at the shop, Your staff can perform receiving of stock immediately and start selling. None of the steps require interaction with desk bound PC.

Share your idea with us

We are constantly enhancing Snapify and adding new features to the app. And we definitely love to hear from you to learn about features that you think should be included in Snapify.



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