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Get 50% PSG funding to modernize your F&B business

Leverage on technology to lower cost, increase revenue and improve profile margin your your restaurant and get part of your cost funded by government grant. Talk to us today and make your F&b business more successful.

5 PSG Pre-approved POS & digital ordering packages 

Eats365 PSG Startup Package

Best POS package for micro F&b business

Bubble Tea, Hawker, Coffee Kiosk, Food truck, Food court

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Eats365 PSG Large Package

Best POS package for a large restaurant

Large restaurant, Hotpot Restaurant, Buffet, Fine dining restaurant

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Eats365 PSG Enterprise Package

Best POS package for multi outlets restaurant

Buffet, Large restaurant chain, Casual dining, Self-service restaurant

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Eats365 PSG Grow Package

Best POS package for small restaurant or cafe

Cafe, Small Restaurant, Bubble tea, Food court, Cloud kitchen

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Eats365 PSG Kiosk Package

Best POS package for fast food restaurant

Fast food, Bubble tea, Pizza restaurant

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Cover up to 70% of your Vend costs with the PSG Grant

Thinking to start a retail business? Let Vend help you to manage your business and get part of your cost covered by the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG). Find out how you can take advantage of the PSG and start applying

3 PSG Pre-approved POS & Retail Management Systems

Vend Pro PSG Lean

Best POS package for micro Retail business

HDB Shop, Bazaar, Small Fashion Boutique, eCommerce Retailers

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Vend Pro PSG Advanced

Best POS package for the multi-outlets Retail Business

Shopping mall Retailers, Multi-outlets and Omnichannel Retailers

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Vend Pro PSG Standard

Best POS package for growing Retail business

Single outlet retailer, Small Fashion Boutique, Omnichannel Retailers

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