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Ultimate guide to apply PSG for digital food ordering and POS system

Updated: May 4, 2021

15 mins guide to apply productivity solution grant for eats365

About Eats365 Solutions

Since 2013, EISOL has help more than 500 retailers in all size to transform from conventional bricks and mortar to omni-channel retailers. We took a challenging path for not just reselling a solution, but enhance the solutions with additional development to further streamline and automate the process for our client.

We re-started EISOL F&B project in 2019 with the partnership with Hong Kong based IT firm, Eats365 to bring Eats365 restaurant management systems to Singapore. We reached a milestones of 30 restaurants within 2 months, and 100 restaurants from Singapore and regional in a year.

Starting from 23 Oct 2020, EISOL has been appointed as pre-approved solution for Food Services' Digital ordering solutions. We have finally able to provide a quality F&b solutions that come with government grant assistance to F&B businesses to upgrade their capability.

Eats365 is a highly versatile solutions that design with operational in mind and able to achieve complex workflows that most of the solutions are not able to meet. And because it is build from the native cloud architecture, Eats365 able to solve many limitation that exists in the conventional POS systems with much lower cost and recurring fees. Find out how eats365 solving conventional POS limitation.

5 Awesome Grant Packages for F&B business

EISOL F&B (Eats365) comprised of 5 most value for money PSG packages curated for restaurant in different stages. All packages included online ordering solutions to help restaurant to take order online for pickup and delivery. SME client can use our DIY scoping app to shortlist a solution that is most suitable to them and get a quote immediately to submit for application. Following are the awesome packages we offer,

1. Start-up package design for new F&B business, food kiosk, eatery or small cafe/restaurant. The package ship with 2 years license, training and support to which provide a runway long enough for the business to take off. Start-up package is one of the most value for money package in PSG grant.

2. Grow package most suitable for growing restaurant that has achieve P&L balance but looking to tilt the balance to its favour. The package provide features and function to help restaurant expand its capacity, and automation that can help them to cope with surge of workload and offer more to their customers.

3. Large package is desirable for large restaurant, or franchise brand that has complex workflow, multi-outlets, multi-kitchen stations and table services. It provide a reliable system framework for order, preparation and serving. It work best for multi-outlets Chinese, Western, Japanese, Korean, Hotpot and fine dining.

4. Self-order kiosk package empower F&b business such as fast food chain, International franchise brand to increase order lane without heavy reliance on staffing. The Self-order kiosk integrated with self payment solution that customer can place order without queuing for cashier.

5. BYOD dine-in self ordering package transform F&b business of any size to a high tech restaurant. It has proven to be the most viable solution that satisfy customer dining experience and significantly improve restaurant operation efficiency because it allow simultaneous orders from all tables at once.

How to apply PSG for EISOL F&B

The estimated time required to submit application for Eats365 should be within 15~20 minutes. We prepare an overview diagram to understand the process better. Please scan the QR code below to access to the relevant website or tools to assists your application. We will provide the details steps for PSG claim submission.

Step 3 detail walkthrough for submitting PSG application

a. Pre-application check

  • You can start to apply PSG once you have quotation from 1 of the 5 package we offer. You can use our DIY scoping tool to find the most suitable package for you. The DIY scoping tool will validate your eligibility, and recommend the package that best fit for your business.

b. Login to and submit a new PSG application for Eats365

  • You can use SingPass Mobile to login or other login methods that you preferred.

  • Upon successful login, and if you login to the Business Grant Portal for the first time. You need to Edit company profile by providing latest update of your company ACRA profile, financial details before you can start with the grant application. To do this, click on Edit company profile tab (highlighted in blue in picture below).

  • Edit company profile | Refresh ACRA info - Click Refresh ACRA Info button (green button) to download the latest ACRA profile to BGP.

  • Edit company profile | Refresh ACRA info - Fill up Additional Company Info such as Employment Size, and Brief description of the Company

  • Edit company profile | Refresh ACRA info - (1) For existing company, please fill up Financial Information of the Past 3 Financial Years (FY) and upload financial report in doc, pdf, or xls. If you have only 1 company, you can fill up Group Level Financials Information with same info you provided to Company Level Financials Information

  • Edit company profile | Refresh ACRA info - If you business required additional license to operation, the supporting License will also reflect here. Click Refresh License Info to retrieve.

  • (2) Click Get new grant to start with new PSG application for eats365.

  • (3) Select Food & Beverages sector and click Next

  • (4) Choose Food Services from the drop down list and click Next

  • (5) Select second option, Upgrade key business areas, such as adopt technology, improve business processes or raise service standards and click Next

  • (6) Select first option, Pre-scoped Productivity Solutions and click Apply

  • (7) Applicant are advice to read through the PSG terms and condition before clicking Proceed to start with the application.

  • Applicant company can receipt up to 80% funding for the pre-qualify productivity solutions, and each company capped at $30,000 grant amount from 1 Apr 2020 to 31 Mar 2021. This is applicable for Food Services sector and subject to available funds.

  • At this point you should have receive a quotation from us. Or you can get from from DIY Scoping app.

  • (8) Click Yes, for Does the applicant meet the eligibility criteria? * and click Next

  • You are advice to read and understand the eligibility for the grant. Applicant company must be registered in Singapore and applied solution must be used in Singapore.

  • You MUST NOT HAVE, Made any payment to the vendor, or Signed or confirmed any contract or purchase order with the vendor

  • Fill up contact details for communication between your company and ESG. Take note that the Letter of Offer Addressee must be CEO or Managing Director as registered with ACRA, click Next to proceed to next page.

  • If you encounter the page not responding and stuck with pro-long Loading. You can click reload the page to continue.

  • Select IT Solution at What type of solution are you purchasing?

  • (9) Enter "eisol" to search for the 5 awesome packages we offered. Select one that match the quote you obtain from us.

  • (10) Enter "1" at No Of Units

  • (11) Enter the estimated starting date to use Eats365. Our PSG status approved on 23 Oct, 2020, please enter date AFTER 23 Oct, 2020

  • (12) Provide the reason that you need Eats365. Please focus on productivity, staffing and sales channel. As simple POS System is no longer a supported solution, you should emphasise on digital food ordering, online ordering, or dine-in self ordering instead.

  • (13) Select "EISOL Pte Ltd" from Vendor list

  • (14) Upload the quote provided by us. Make sure you have upload the latest quote we provided. Get one from DIY Scoping tool if you have not receive one.

  • (15) Pick "Selected Vendor's quotations" from the list

  • If you have more than one location, you can either submit as separated application or combine them in one main application.

  • (15) Select "Shop/Office/Factory/Institution" from the list

  • (16) Enter the postal code of your shop address to retrieve the full address.

  • (17) Select "Yes" for, Does your business operate from this address?

  • Click Next to the next page

  • (18) Select "Subscription/Lease" as Eats365 is a SaaS software.

  • (19) All Eats365 solution package come with 12 months subscription, please enter "12"

  • (20) Enter monthly software charges under Monthly Fee (Excluding GST). You should be able to get this from the Software subtotal.

  • (21) Enter balance amount by deducting software subscription from total invoice amount. i.e. (Total Invoice) 1000 - (Software) 600 = 400

  • (22) The total should be the same as the total amount in our quotation.

  • Click Next to the next page.

  • (23) Provide the write up of how new solution will impact your business (in positive way). Focus on manpower saving, cost saving, reduce of time for order taking, preparation or analysing reports. Provide some benefits about sales and marketing, customer retention and acquisition and finally ability to adapt to the change in consumer behaviour

  • (24) Provide area that will receive productivity gain, based on the overall impact that you provided in the previous write up

  • (25) Provide an estimated efficiency that will gain from the new systems

(26) Hang in there, we are 2 steps away from completing the submission. You are advice to read through all the question and select the correct answer at the Declare & Acknowledge Terms page. All question are mandatory to answer.

  • (27) Congratulation! You are 1 step away from the submission. We want to highlight 2 very important points for grant applicant.

  • You are bound to audit by the appointed personal from IMDA, and ESG to access to your premises to ensure that you are compliance to the PSG terms and condition.

  • Government has the right to suspend the disbursement of monies, and/or other benefits disbursed under the grant.

  • Click Submit to complete your PSG application.

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