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Top 15 recommended Digital Ordering POS Systems for SME business in Malaysia

Updated: Aug 12

As we delve into the nuances of the food and beverage (F&B) industry, the latest figures provided by market and consumer data expert, Statista, offer some intriguing insights. In 2022, the revenue generated in the global food market soared to an impressive US$46.78 billion (RM206.77 billion), demonstrating this industry's sheer scale and potential.

Malaysia is known for its welcoming hospitality and variety of cuisine, especially the local cuisine that attracts Malaysians and travelers around the region to the country. There are substantial growth opportunities in the Malaysian food services industry. As the rising tide lifts the boat, point-of-sale systems (F&B POS systems) have benefited from the new incorporation of F&b businesses.

Embarking on the journey to choose the right POS system for the business is never easy. But with our guide on the list of curated POS systems that we have done our research for, it will not be an adventurous trilogy!


A. What is a POS system?POS system?
B. How to choose the right POS system?POS system?
    1. Know your business nature1. Know your business nature
    2. Know your operation workflow2. Know your operation workflow
    3. Make the comparisons3. Make the comparisons
    4. Pricing versus Value4. Pricing versus Value
    5. Consider the marginal achievable5. Consider the marginal achievable
    6. Don't miss the test drive6. Don't miss the test drive
    7. No API, no deal7. No API, no deal
C. The 15 POS systems you can trust15 POS systems you can trust
    1. Rewardly CommerceOS1. Rewardly CommerceOS
    2. Eats365 POS System for F&b business2. Eats365 POS System for F&b business
    3. Shopify POS System for eCommerce Retailers3. Shopify POS System for eCommerce Retailers
    4. Loyverse POS System for F&b business4. Loyverse POS System for F&b business
    5. Storehub POS system for Retail Business5. Storehub POS system for Retail Business
    6. Xilnex POS system for Retail Business6. Xilnex POS system for Retail Business
    7. Genius POS system for F&b Business7. Genius POS system for F&b Business
    8. Slurp POS system for F&b Business8. Slurp POS system for F&b Business
    9. Dinesoft POS system for F&b Business9. Dinesoft POS system for F&b Business
    10. Zeoniq POS system for F&b Business10. Zeoniq POS system for F&b Business
    11. Krypto POS system for F&b Business11. Krypto POS system for F&b Business
    12. Autocount POS system for Retail Business12. Autocount POS system for Retail Business
    13. iRS Software for Retail Business13. iRS Software for Retail Business
D. Disclaimer

What is a POS system?

A POS, or Point of Sale system, combines software and hardware that allows businesses to conduct sales transactions and manage various aspects of their operations. It's essentially the modern version of a cash register, but it can do much more than handle payments. At its most basic, a POS system records sales transactions, calculates the amount due from a customer, and provides options for the customer to make payment. However, most modern POS systems also have additional features and capabilities, such as:

  1. Inventory Management: The system can track inventory in real time, automatically updating stock levels as sales are made. It can also notify when stocks are running low or are out, which aids in timely replenishment.

  2. Sales Reporting and Analytics: POS systems can generate detailed sales reports, providing insights into what products are selling well, peak sales times, and more. This data can be used to make informed business decisions.

  3. Employee Management: Many POS systems have time-clock functionality, enabling employees to clock in and out directly from the system. They can also track sales by an employee to identify high performers.

  4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Some POS systems can keep track of customer information and purchase history, which can be used for loyalty programs, personalized marketing, and improved customer service.

  5. Integration with other systems: POS systems can often be integrated with other business systems such as accounting software, eCommerce platforms, email marketing services, and more, streamlining operations.

POS systems can be found in all types of businesses where sales transactions occur, including retail stores, restaurants, salons, and more. They can be standalone systems, but many are now cloud-based, allowing access from anywhere and automatic updates and backups.

Point-of-sale is crucial to the business. It is a mission-critical IT system to ensure your business operation can carry out smoothly, efficiently, and measurable. Some POS systems even focus on scalability by extending their functionality to the CRM and integrating with other software to streamline business operations.

You can imagine the impact on your business if you have made the wrong choice and chosen a POS software that does not do what it claims it can or a poorly designed software that failed on you when you need it most. The outcome has long-term repercussions and is often destructive.

How to choose the right POS system?

Ok. We did this topic ourselves instead of relying on ChatGPT.

We have worked with the world's best and most advanced POS systems for the past decade. And with thousands of engagements and scoping with the clients, there are common pitfalls that the new merchants often miss and have to endure the repercussions of their decision.

In the age of social media and AI algorithms constantly learning about your browsing behavior and interests, it is dangerous to take it in full for the advertisement that feeds on your social media or advertisement widget on the news page you are browsing.

We design this framework to help you choose the most suitable POS systems with minimal consideration of their brand.

1. Know your business nature

Some business focus on offering the best dining experiences, while others anticipate high transaction volume and need the speed to process transactions quickly and correctly. Understanding your business nature may help you to shortlist the correct type of POS solutions and save you time.

2. Know your operation workflow

If your restaurant allows the customers to dine and pay afterward, choosing a POS system design for the quick-service restaurant will fail you on your first day open for business. Draft the customer ordering journey and identify the technology that can help you relay the order information digitally. If a process involves humans, that is the opportunity for you to replace it with technology for speed and consistency.

3. Make the comparisons

Not all POS software is built the same. But everyone has the same marketing slogan - "The best."

Nothing wrong with the self-proclaim statement. But it is essential to differentiate between the features list and identify the one suitable for your business process flow. After this step, you can start to focus on the pricing and find the POS solutions best fit for your business.

4. Pricing versus Value

Price your product cheaper so that you can attract more customers. Remember, the trick is not exclusive to you. The POS solutions providers know it and probably can do it better.

You should be paying for what you need immediately before considering other features you may not need now. The 80/20 rules can save your day!

5. Consider the marginal achievable

Let's apply the 80/20 rule again. Focus on the most crucial feature of the POS software you have shortlisted and double-confirm that those functionalities can work reliably. This is a red line that you should stand firm and never compromise.

6. Don't miss the test drive

Spend time to test drive the key features and ensure the outcome is what you expected. Pay attention to the numbers because you need a POS system. Take note of the steps (how many taps) to complete an action; lesser is better. And finally, measure the speed response from the POS software, especially for the quick-service restaurant. Speed makes a difference in sales, staff morale, and customer experience.

We have a unique trick to help you measure the POS software quality. Try to split and merge orders and bill payments multiple times and check the results. You can see it clearly from here.

7. No API, no deal

API (Application Programming Language) is the international standard for connecting POS software with other business applications. It is your most reliable option to scale and grow your business and risk management. Make your POS vendor provides API document freely and free of charge especially cloud-based POS software. Also, get their assurance that you can use the features without any hidden clause.

You are in good hands once you have checked all the boxes above and get ready to launch your business!

What is essential when choosing a POS?

  • 0%Branding or word-of-mouth

  • 0%Pricing

  • 0%Features

  • 0%Online Reviews


The 15 POS systems you can trust

1. Rewardly CommerceOS

Rewardly CommerceOS for small business in Malaysia


​Small F&b business


Start from Free plan



Life is Rewarding!

Calling all merchants in the F&B world! Get ready to embark on a journey of enhanced sales and customer satisfaction with Rewardly CommerceOS - the ultimate customer-centric solution designed just for you!

In today's rapidly evolving F&B landscape, it's crucial to stay ahead of the game. Rewardly CommerceOS empowers you to step into the future of digital food ordering, lightning-fast sales transactions, and self-ordering kiosks. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing separate systems - our all-in-one platform seamlessly integrates food delivery, payments, and a cloud-based backend portal, streamlining your operations like never before.

But that's not all! We understand that every business is unique, which is why Rewardly offers a full suite of solutions tailored to meet your individual needs. Whether you're looking to sell online or in-person, deliver to your customers' doorsteps, or engage your loyal members, Rewardly has got you covered. And the best part? You can get started absolutely FREE from day one of your business venture! Why pay more when you can kickstart your success with Rewardly?

Run Rewardly POS on Android phone

Forget about being tied down to expensive hardware. With Rewardly POS, you can run your operations seamlessly on your own devices. Whether it's your trusty iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, phone, or even an Android-powered payment terminal - our software works beautifully with what you already have. It's all about creating smooth workflows between you and your customers for an unparalleled experience.

Run Rewardly POS on Apple iPhone

Gone are the days of long queues and slow service. Welcome Rewardly Order - a user-friendly web app that lets your customers dine-in, take out, pre-order, or even pay with the rewards they've earned. It's all about giving your patrons what they want, how they want it. Plus, you can easily track the status of their orders for top-notch efficiency.

Extend your self ordering channel to customer with Rewardly Self-ordering Kiosk

Looking to take customer convenience to the next level? Enter Rewardly Kiosk! Offer your customers the option to self-order or browse your menu effortlessly. But that's not all - our Kiosk seamlessly integrates with the Rewardly ecosystem, unlocking a world of engagement and loyalty features through Rewardly CRM. Your customers will not only enjoy the ease of ordering but also exclusive perks like never before.

So merchants, are you ready to elevate your business to new heights with Rewardly CommerceOS? Say goodbye to the ordinary and step into a world of rewards and possibilities. Join us today and witness the magic of Rewardly!

Introduction Video


  • Boost customer engagement with Rewardly Loyalty Program

  • Enhance customer experience with Rewardly Order!

  • Rewardly Quick Sales function for POS operations

  • Integrated payment with Rewardly Pay with low MDR and no fixed transaction fees!

  • Robust order management with Dine-in, Pickup, Delivery, and Pre-order

  • Extended to Rewardly Kiosk for self-ordering

  • Extended to Rewardly Cloud Print for order receiving

  • Managing the operation with Rewardly Store App

  • Run independently or integrated with compatible POS systems.

  • Boost member signup with offline to the online campaign.

  • Boost branding and sales with Rewardly World.

  • Built-in intelligent segmentation and marketing messaging function

  • Mobile-first design

Start using Rewardly with your existing POS equipment.

Integrated 3rd Party POS

  • Eats365 POS

  • Lightspeed Retail X (Vend)

  • Shopify POS

  • TableReady

  • Revel Systems

  • HikeUp

  • SquareUp

  • Loyverse


  • Free POS version for small business

  • Guarantee cost saving or receive a 100% refund within 90 days.

  • The only SaaS software with perpetual licensing.

  • Free upgrade of software function forever.

  • Launch a co-pilot program to boost your brand and sales.

  • Enjoy special rates with our affiliated marketing agency partners.

  • Free Sign-up


2. Eats365 POS System for F&b business

Eats365 POS system for restaurant in Malaysia


Large F&B business


​Start from RM99 monthly


Since 2019, eats365 made a remarkable growth to 500 merchants despite F&b going through the most challenging times in history. The digital ordering platform empowers restaurants to pivot through online ordering and QR ordering systems before the new trend gains popularity in Singapore. As a pioneer F&b technology provider, eats365 has proven its forward-looking vision and set a new benchmark for others.

90% of restaurants consider digital ordering solutions as one of the most crucial strategy after went through COVID-19 locked down experiences.

Eats365 provides comprehensive tools for the restaurants with digital ordering capability. It is considered one of the most completed pos systems for the restaurant business in Asia. The native cloud POS solutions is hosted online and able to run offline to keep the operation going even if the Internet is down without complex infrastructure setup such as using a local PC.

Despite of vast availability of offering of POS systems in the market and eats365 stand out as a winner because of the highly efficient and proven operation workflow design and scalability from start-up to an enterprise that operates multiple restaurant brands across countries. And the quality of the software is unparalleled when in terms of software bugs and instability that could hinder restaurant operation.

Eats365 continue to be the market leader in F&b POS segment by pioneering technology that has proven to optimised productivity and increase customer retention. The company has recently launching fully DIY ordering and payment solution that integrated with QR ordering. Through the new technology, F&b are expecting to reduce at least half a head count cost through automated systems.

With the pos system, plus dine-in self-ordering and online digital ordering. Eats365 is one of the PSG pre-approved solutions that SME clients can purchase and claim back 80% of the cost.

You can signup a free trial or contact them for more details.


  • Most advanced F&b workflow

  • F&b software with over 500+ configurations

  • Quick service or complete services restaurant mode

  • Multi-languages/currencies support

  • Inventory and recipe costing management

  • Enterprise CRM and Membership

  • Enterprise and franchise business ready.

  • Marketplace

  • Dine-in ordering

  • Online ordering

  • Food court self-ordering

  • Hotel self-ordering

  • Self-service & payment kiosk

  • Free plan (Eats365 Lite)

  • Shopping mall integration

  • Open API

Integrated Apps

  • XERO cloud accounting

  • FoodRunZone restaurant supply chain management

  • Rewardly digital ordering, membership, loyalty, and payment solution

  • Shopping Mall GTO integration with all shopping malls in Singapore

  • FoodMarketHub inventory management

  • Aigens restaurant's digital ordering

  • Inline online reservation

  • SevenRooms online reservation

  • PandaGO

Payment Integrations

  • Global Payment

  • FirstData

  • Stripe

  • Atome

  • GrabPay

Food Aggregator/Marketplace & Logistic Integrations

  • FoodPanda

  • GrabFood

  • UberEats

  • Deliveroo

  • Hubster

  • Eats365 Marketplace

  • Zeek Delivery

Customer Reviews

Eats365 understands and listens to its customers. They act quickly to improve the platform so their client can remain competitive and relevant to the food and beverage business. Some client shares their favorable experiences with us that can be useful to you if you are considering eats365.


3. Shopify POS System for eCommerce Retailers

Shopify POS for online merchant in Malaysia


Retail business


USD19 to USD299


Shopify had staggering 1,000,000 active stores globally in 2020. From an eCommerce platform, Shopify can connect to many POS systems to synchronize sales, customers launched, and inventory from and through. Shopify launched Shopify ePOS in 2013 to make it easy to sell in stores and connect directly with Shopify eCommerce.

Shopify ePOS provides a platform for offline and online sales and managing order fulfillment efficiently for small retailers. It comes with a mobile app to access the most crucial information.

It is most suitable for retailers who wish to sell on multi-channels and start with a tool they can jumpstart quickly.


Customer Reviews

Many shop owners have found Shopify to be one of the best ePOS systems in Singapore that they’ve ever used. They said that this is because of its ability to set up eCommerce and ePOS systems easily.

Here’s feedback from one of its users:

“We use Shopify to manage our stores and allow customer to purchase online and pickup from our outlets. It i so amazing that we can deal with such complex retail operation with just one system.”


4. Loyverse POS System for F&b business

Loyverse free POS system for F&b in Malaysia


​Small F&b business




Loyverse is another free iPad pos system with large users based globally. The software is suitable for retail and f&b shop operations thanks to the comprehensive inventory management it provides.

The software comes with free tiers packed with essential functionality such as CRM, basic inventory, loyalty, payment, promotion, and real-time reporting, which are suitable for most businesses.

Users can upgrade to advanced inventory management and employee management function. It also comes with open API and integration capability with accounting software like XERO or Quickbooks Online.


“As a small business, we do not need a lot of complexity and simple POS system will just help a lot. Loyverse is cloud based, come with free version and easy to buy hardware from online. It is no brainer choice compare to some expensive pos systems in the market.”


5. Storehub POS system for Retail Business

Storehub for small retail business in Malaysia


Small to medium retail business


USD39 to USD149


Storehub was founded in 2013 and introduced the first iPad POS to Malaysian merchants. It is revolutionary and disruptive to the POS market when there are no other similar solutions in the same market.

Being the first company to fill up the void allows the company to acquire merchants easily when the POS solutions market has been too slack and not focusing on solving several pain points that the merchants were enduring. The lightweight iPad POS design to solve the challenges back then is still adequate to solve the same problem encountered by small retailers today.

Despite that, the intense competition (and perhaps better offerings) from global brands like Shopify and Storehub is still our choice if you run a business in Malaysia because of the localization that global solution providers always miss.


  • Centralized management for multi-outlets merchants

  • Attractive hardware package for new merchant

  • Easy-to-use iPad POS design

  • Built-in inventory systems for small business

  • Integrated payment solutions

  • Built-in customer management system

  • Built-in eCommerce capability

  • Affordable pricing

  • Local support


6. Xilnex POS system for Retail Business

Xilnex retail management software Malaysia


​Retail business




While Xilnex is a robust platform brimming with features, it sacrifices ease of use. Its complex user interface distances it from the inherent simplicity of Cloud POS systems. Yet, Xilnex shines in its expansive remote management features, covering fundamental operations from employee management to report generation and promotional campaign creation. A standout feature is remote CRM list management, allowing for an added layer of customer interaction.

Significantly, Xilnex integrates with Shopify's acclaimed e-Commerce platform, enabling Shopify store owners to merge their e-Commerce site into Xilnex's system. This facilitates the management of both offline and online stores from one account. Moreover, Xilnex allows you to build or import your online store, a feature not available with StoreHub.

However, Xilnex's live chat support operates only from 9 am to 6 pm. Despite this, their live chat tech support team deserves praise for quick and efficient problem resolution. If Xilnex could extend their live chat support to 365 days, they would significantly enhance user experience.


  • Centralized management for multi-outlets merchants

  • Attractive hardware package for new merchant

  • Easy-to-use iPad POS design

  • Built-in inventory systems for small business

  • Integrated payment solutions

  • Built-in customer management system

  • Built-in eCommerce capability

  • Affordable pricing

  • Local support


7. Genius POS system for F&b Business

Genius small F&b POS system for Malaysia SME


Small F&b business




Genius POS, an iPad-based system designed for food businesses, stands as one of the leading POS systems in Malaysia thanks to its robust functionality and productivity-enhancing mobile POS. The primary aim of Genius POS is to streamline operations for restaurant owners through a blend of powerful features, a user-friendly interface, and cost-effective rates, making it a secure and straightforward POS system.

Emphasizing efficient time use and productive task management, the Genius POS System leverages the power of iPad technology. Key features include employee management, table management, and a time-based menu, all adding to its appeal.

Customers who have used the Genius POS system have lauded its efficiency and effectiveness for food and beverage businesses. Online reviews reflect their satisfaction, with one user stating, "Amazing service from Roland! Our POS got logout from the license account and Roland got back to us faster than thunder." Another review describes it as a "personal assistant" for every restaurant owner due to its stable system, ease of use, and powerful features. They added that the cloud system allows owners to manage their restaurants anytime.


8. Slurp POS system for F&b Business

Slurp F&b POS for Malaysia Cafe


​F&b business



RM790 to RM6990

Slurp's Point of Sale (POS) system stands out with its visually appealing and intuitive user interface (UI). The system's design minimizes the need for extensive training, catering perfectly to the high staff turnover rate in the food and beverage industry. In terms of user-friendliness.

Among its comprehensive suite of features, Slurp offers robust remote management tools, such as attendance tracking and employee management. A unique offering is the dashboard app, providing investors and business partners with a simplified way to monitor store performance without backend access.

While e-commerce and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or loyalty program aren't currently part of Slurp's package, it's worth noting that the company's focus has been on creating a superior in-store experience.

Where Slurp truly shines, however, is in its customer support. The platform offers extensive support coverage from 8 am to 2 am, 365 days a year via live chat, email, and phone. Recognizing the need for quick and easy communication, Slurp also offers support via WhatsApp. This ingenious solution allows for real-time problem-solving, making it an effective tool for addressing issues promptly.


9. Dinesoft POS system for F&b Business

Dinesoft Restaurant POS system






Operating a restaurant business comes with unique challenges, and an efficient point of sales (POS) system like Dinesoft can simplify these complexities. Dinesoft offers an extensive suite of solutions that surpasses a POS system's typical expectations, making it an optimal choice for those seeking comprehensive assistance.

Dinesoft's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in its offer of free trials. This trial period allows prospective clients to explore all of Dinesoft's POS system's features. These include a loyalty member module, inventory module, tablet ordering system, and cashier terminal POS system.

For those intrigued by the range of features and eager to experience the benefits of a comprehensive POS system tailored to retail and food & beverage industries, Dinesoft invites you to reach out and begin your free trial today.

Their commitment to superior service has garnered commendable customer feedback. One satisfied client praised Dinesoft for their "great service provider with excellent customer service," This customer-centric approach lies at the heart of Dinesoft's success.


10. Zeoniq POS system for F&b Business

Zeoniq Restaurant POS and ordering system


​Restaurant and Cafe




Zeoniq, developed by Evoloper Sdn Bhd, is an innovative, affordable Cloud POS System suitable for businesses of all sizes. Notably, the system is customizable and adaptable, with a flexible restaurant order screen that works excellently for touch and non-touch screens. The system provides high-level security, featuring a 3A security system, data transferred with 2048-bit encryption, hardware security integration, and customizable access authority.

The Zeoniq POS system also boasts an advanced promotion engine, offering standard logic that can be customized to align with a company's policy. It showcases automatic discounts, tier discounts, happy hour sales, and various promotional offers.

Moreover, it provides unique features for the F&B sector, such as table management and kitchen slip printing. The system is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android platforms, and it supports cloud storage, allowing owners to manage their businesses remotely.

Additional features include manual discount control, multi-currency, and multi-language support, auto-detection of upgrades, and a quick information dashboard. The system integrates seamlessly with the Customer Experience Management (CXM) system, allowing for comprehensive consumer management.


11. Krypto POS system for F&b Business

Krypto F&b POS for Malaysia small business


Retail shop




KryptoPOS is a dynamic data and technology platform designed to invigorate Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by offering a comprehensive cloud-based Point of Sales (POS) and ordering system. This powerful tool is built to elevate the operational efficiency of physical businesses of all types by making Big Data Analytics accessible to everyone. Doing so, significantly optimizes sales and boosts overall efficiency.

KryptoPOS is designed with great versatility, making it an excellent choice for many businesses. From the food and beverage industry and retail to service-based enterprises, this platform is engineered to integrate with and enhance existing business operations seamlessly.

One of the stand-out features of KryptoPOS is its exclusive partnership with Maybank, Digi, and Unifi (Telekom Malaysia or TM). As a result of this collaboration, these entities' customers can access the KryptoPOS software solution free of charge. This free access enables these businesses to leverage the power of advanced POS technology without the associated cost, thereby providing a significant competitive advantage.

For more information about the extensive array of services that KryptoPOS offers and how to activate a complimentary KryptoPOS account, interested parties are encouraged to visit their website. This user-friendly platform provides detailed insight into how KryptoPOS is revolutionizing the POS landscape and how businesses can benefit from integrating this innovative technology into their operations.


12. Autocount POS system for Retail Business

Autocount F&b and accounting software for Malaysia business


Retail and small business




AutoCount, with over 25 years of experience in software development, is a rapidly growing provider in Malaysia, mainly known for its quality accounting software and other business applications. The AutoCount POS, their versatile point-of-sale software, caters to retail and F&B operations of all sizes.

The POS system stands out with its robust security measures, offering the backend administrator complete control to manage all branches and establish user access levels. It features a price checking and control function, allowing users to create pricing conditions to prevent unexpected transactions and set up promotional strategies like item bundles and customer loyalty programs. The system is designed with a user-friendly interface for a seamless experience.

What sets AutoCount POS apart is its flexibility. Beyond the core features, the system can be customized to suit specific operational needs. Its intelligent inventory function allows various pricing levels, discounts, memberships, and seasonal or specific hour discounts. This, along with the eDashboard accessible via a mobile app, facilitates efficient business operations, boosting productivity and profitability.


13. iRS Software for Retail Business

iRS Software for Malaysia retailer


Retail business




IRS Software, a leading software solutions provider in Malaysia, facilitates business growth across various sectors. With their renowned Multi-Store Management Program and Point of Sales (POS) System, they cater to various industries, from restaurants and beauty salons to pet shops.

Notable for its top-notch customer service, IRS Software ensures constant support for all its clients, helping them operate their systems efficiently. They also offer annual maintenance to pre-empt system crashes and technical difficulties, ensuring seamless operations.

In addition to software solutions, IRS Software has branched into hardware sales, offering essential business equipment such as barcode scanners, cash drawers, and retail IT equipment.

Some of their key offerings include retail software, F&B software, cloud software, and various hardware. Client feedback consistently lauds the smooth communication and efficient decision-making facilitated by IRS's systems. The POS system has been praised for enabling real-time monitoring of best-selling products and maintaining inventory levels.

Clients also appreciate the swift and efficient support from the IRS team in resolving issues. The membership program has been highlighted as an effective tool for fostering customer loyalty. Moreover, the system’s ability to track purchase records and alert about low stock conditions adds significant operational value.



This guide is designed to assist SMEs in identifying the most suitable POS systems, thereby reducing potential procurement errors. The order in which the systems are listed doesn't reflect their ranking. We aren't accountable for the results of the merchant's chosen POS software vendor.

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