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The 17 Best ePOS POS systems with Digital Ordering and Loyalty Program for SME Singapore

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you manage transactions, amplify sales channels, and boost customer satisfaction? Look no further – our cutting-edge ePOS POS systems are here to transform your operations seamlessly.

With the convergence of ePOS and POS systems, coupled with digital ordering and a robust loyalty program, you're poised to unlock unprecedented efficiency. These integrated solutions are strategically designed to minimize human errors while accelerating transaction speeds – a recipe for higher customer satisfaction and return rates.

Say goodbye to the complexities of dealing with a flood of customers – our ePOS POS systems take the reins, simplifying payments and automating various operations. Bid adieu to the stress of manual calculations and documentation errors – our state-of-the-art automated management system eradicates such pitfalls, letting you focus on what truly matters: growing your business.

Revolutionize the way you take orders and manage inventory – tasks that have historically proven vulnerable to mistakes. With our exceptional ePOS POS systems, you're not only empowered to conquer these challenges but also positioned to reduce errors and alleviate your workload.

Ready to take the leap? Discover the pinnacle of ePOS POS systems in Singapore for both retail and F&B sectors. Explore the comprehensive array of features tailored to meet your business needs, ensuring a seamless blend of innovation and functionality.

Step into the future of business management – where streamlined transactions, digital ordering, and loyalty programs converge to elevate your business prowess. Embrace the power of technology to shape a brighter tomorrow for your business.

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Best SME POS system and Digital Ordering system in Singapore


1. Rewardly CommerceOS (POS System & Digital Ordering & Loyalty Program)

Rewardly CommerceOS offer POS System, Digital Ordering and Loyalty Program all in one platform.

BEST FOR Micro and Small F&b business

PRICING Start from free plan

Life is Rewarding!

Designed with a customer-centric focus, Rewardly CommerceOS bundle with POS system, digital ordering and powerful loyalty program. The platform aims to assist small F&B businesses in enhancing sales through digital food ordering, quick sales function, self-ordering kiosks, integrated food delivery, integrated payments, and a cloud-based backend portal.

The F&B industry has undergone significant changes over the past few years, from cloud-based POS systems to delivery services and digital ordering for self-service. The next wave, already on the horizon, emphasizes customer-centric commerce solutions.

Rewardly offers an attractive solution, designed to foster growth for F&B businesses and bridge gaps present in existing POS and loyalty programs. The seamless integration between Rewardly CommerceOS and Rewardly CRM Loyalty systems significantly enhances both consumer and merchant experiences, benefiting commerce activities in terms of speed, precision, and overall experience.

Small and micro F&B businesses, despite being the dedicated providers of our daily food and drink, have often been left behind in the digital transformation. This is why Rewardly places a primary focus on assisting these micro and small F&B businesses.

Rewardly is supported by a government grant offering up to a 70% subsidy. This makes it a cost-effective solution for any business seeking to remain competitive in the digitally-transforming food services sector.

"We revolutionize the behavioural loyalty program with powerful commerce function!"

Sell online with Rewardly Order!

Order for dine-in

Enhance your customers' dining experience with seamless mobile ordering and payment through Rewardly. Allow your customers to settle comfortably as they place their orders using their phones and make payments conveniently. Whether it's delivering their food directly to their seats or having them collect their orders from a designated counter, our streamlined order workflow is tailored to your concept and ensures a user-friendly experience for your customers.

Order for pickup

Attract busy professionals and cater to their convenience with our advanced ordering and prepayment feature. By enabling customers to place orders ahead of time and make payments before they arrive at your store for pickup, you become their top choice for a quick and efficient lunch experience. Stay ahead of the competition and drive more business by offering this hassle-free solution that caters to their busy schedules.

Order for delivery

Expand your business reach and unlock new opportunities with our delivery services. Whether you choose to collaborate with trusted logistic partners or utilize your own dedicated fleet, Rewardly Order! provides the essential tools to set up promotional schemes that entice customers to place their first order and keep them coming back for more. Stand out from the competition and take your business to new heights with our comprehensive features designed to drive growth and customer loyalty.

Sell in-person with Rewardly POS

Dine-in QR code ordering

Rewardly QR ordering web app

Experience the cutting-edge dining experience with Rewardly! Simply scan a table QR code, and instantly browse the menu. Customers can add their favorite items, make quick payments, and send orders directly to the kitchen. Rewardly's efficient system ensures that available quantities are accurately managed, avoiding overselling. Plus, with the powerful Rewardly CRM loyalty, customers can effortlessly utilize accumulated rewards right from the app, without needing assistance from staff. This seamless and sought-after experience is now a reality. Don't miss out on the future of F&B business. Start your trial today and embrace the new era of dining!

Order from cashier counter

Rewardly POS System

Rewardly POS is the ultimate tool for seamless over-the-counter sales. With just a few simple taps, you can curate your customer's order effortlessly or retrieve their phone-placed order through a quick QR code scan, saving you valuable time from manual entry. Integrated with the payment terminal, Rewardly POS ensures a fast and accurate checkout experience. The foundation of Rewardly lies in its powerful CRM loyalty, available on Rewardly POS, allowing your customers to easily redeem points, purchase packages, or utilize store credits. It truly offers an all-in-one solution, adaptable to any hardware, making it the one-for-all tool you need for successful selling. Embrace the efficiency of Rewardly POS and revolutionize your sales process today!

Self-ordering Kiosk

Rewardly Self Ordering Kiosk

Offering ultimate convenience to your customers, set up a Rewardly Kiosk for seamless orders without the need for their phones. We understand that not all customers prefer using phones, which is why we created the Rewardly Kiosk to extend the order channel and cater to varying preferences. With Rewardly CRM Loyalty integrated, customers can choose their preferred ordering method without compromising on their experiences. The Rewardly Kiosk is a cost-effective solution, providing a convenient extension whenever you need it. The choice is yours, backed by our advanced technology!

Save your day with advanced workflow

"Nothing in F&b is straightforward". Experienced F&b operators know this well, and there are always manual override to manage the unmanageable when it happen. The POS systems can only automate 80% of your repeated tasks but it is already a win if you are able to manage the half of the 20% odds. Rewardly advanced workflow is design to handle those as much as possible.

  • Omnichannel order refund

  • Order capacity management

  • Pre-order management

  • Customer relationship management

  • Scan to retrieve any orders

  • Order fulfilment messaging management

  • Order status management

Grow business with CRM Loyalty Program

Rewardly CRM Loyalty Program

Implementing a CRM loyalty program has proven to be a winning strategy for business growth and brand visibility. The landscape is evolving; today, most major brands are leveraging rewards and membership programs to their advantage. A prime example is McDonald's, which launched its membership program, amassing 60 million users in just one month. This swift success has translated into heightened customer satisfaction and increased spending, illustrating the power of a well-executed loyalty initiative.

While a basic loyalty program might entail a substantial initial investment of up to $100,000 for development and over $10,000 for annual maintenance, this investment can be challenging for many SMEs to sustain. This is where Rewardly offers an innovative CRM Loyalty Program solution that empowers merchants to create a unique rewards program tailored to their brand. Our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology without the hefty price tag associated with custom solutions sets us apart. Merchants can even white-label our solution, adding their brand's stamp to the loyalty experience.

With Rewardly, merchants retain complete ownership of their customer data and member database, ensuring they control their valuable assets. Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your business with a powerful loyalty program as unique as your brand.

Discover the potential of Rewardly today and unlock new levels of customer engagement, retention, and growth through a robust rewards and membership program.

Multi-tiers Membership Program

  • Self-registered or by-invite-only membership

  • Automated upgrade or downgrade based on merchant-defined rules

  • Free or paid membership

Loyalty Program

  • Single-stage earn ratio or two stages earn and burn ratio

  • Event trigger point issuing mechanism

  • Self-service point redemption reward catalog

  • Maximum usage of loyalty points at self-ordering channel

  • Claim after workflow

Digital Voucher Program

  • Automated voucher issuing at specific events (Welcome, birthday etc)

  • Vouchers quantity control

  • Voucher validity date control

  • Voucher effective date control

  • Multiple discount schemes (percentage, amount, or specific to SKU)

  • Free, Purchasable, or manually issued voucher

  • Minimum spent control

  • Pre-printed voucher

Digital Stamp Program

  • Merchant-defined steps and gifting steps

  • Auto-retraction based on POS transactions

  • Issue stamps by spending or products

  • Gifting choices of vouchers, store credits, or points

  • Auto-repeat upon completion of all stamps

  • Merchant-defined repetitions

Pre-paid Package

  • Selling as a bundle of membership, vouchers, loyalty points, or store credits

  • Auto issue when package sold at POS, digital ordering, or kiosk

Store Credit

  • Merchant-defined store credit packages

  • On-account workflow

  • Limit on-account spending limit by amount or per transactions

  • Expiry date control

Member Discount

  • Outright discount at POS, digital ordering, and Kiosk

Referral Program

  • Multi-tiered referral program

  • Merchant-defined rewards by Voucher, Loyalty points, or store credits

Introduction Video

Features Highlights

  • Boost customer engagement with Rewardly Loyalty Program

  • Enhance customer experience with Rewardly Order!

  • Rewardly Quick Sales function for POS operations

  • Integrated payment with Rewardly Pay with low MDR without fix transaction fees

  • Robust order management with Dine-in, Pickup, Delivery and Pre-order

  • Extended to Rewardly Kiosk for self ordering

  • Extended to Rewardly Cloud Print for order receiving

  • Managing the operation with Rewardly Store App

  • Run independently or integrated with compatible POS systems

  • Boost member signup with offline to online campaign

  • Boost branding and sales with Rewardly world

  • Built-in smart segmentation and marketing messaging function

  • Mobile first design

Integrated 3rd Party POS

  • Lightspeed Retail X (Vend)

  • Eats365 POS

  • Shopify POS

  • TableReady

  • Revel Systems

  • HikeUp

  • SquareUp

  • Loyverse


  • Setup and start selling in a day

  • Turnkey solution to selling online or in-person

  • Integrated payment with a competitive MDR rate

  • Powerful built-in CRM Loyalty program module

  • Seamless integration with compatible POS systems

  • Unlimited subsidy for SMS OTP fees for member signup

  • Open API to integrate with 3rd party application

  • Up to 70% grant subsidy for Singapore business

  • Free plan for the micro or home-based business

  • Free Sign-up

Grant Subsidy

Rewardly Supported by Government Grant up t0 70% subsidy for qualify Singapore SMEs.


2. Vend POS System a.k.a Lightspeed Retail X

Vend is the world best retail pos system

BEST FOR POS system for online, marketplace and shop

PRICING Starts at SGD89 per month

PHONE +65 66816538

Vend offers the best tools that all retailers should have to manage the store more efficiently. There are 25,000 businesses from different sizes using Vend for selling in stores and online, tracking the available stock, and managing available inventory at their warehouse.

Running on iPad, or PC, Vend provides the flexibility of the choice of pos hardware that retailers prefer and easily set up to run business. Most leading businesses use Vend for a good reason, its intuitive design makes customers transactions and employee training effortless. It also gives business owners real-time data and insightful analytics to make good decisions.

Vend empowers your business to do more with lesser cost, helping you to transform from traditional bricks and mortar to omnichannel retailer and sell on every channel. This innovative technology has plenty of features to help you succeed. Contact them now for a demo

Video Demo

9 mins video to show you how we defined "Best Point-of-sale" that Vend can provide to help you grow your brand.


  • Multi-channels (Shop, Marketplace, eCommerce)

  • Integration with XERO/Quickbook

  • Free demo available

  • Real-time insights

  • Omni-channel ready

  • Workflow management

  • Promotion management

  • Customer management

  • Loyalty and membership

  • Multi-outlets

  • Inventory management

  • Shopping mall integration

  • Open API

Best Features in Vend

1. Strong Inventory management function

Vend start by focusing on retail operation and has built a solid inventory management capability that is needed to manage a retail business. It provides an integrated inventory management module that simplifies the management of single or multiple stores, and even multi-channels needed for headless commerce strategy.

2. Integration with the accounting system

It also provides a good transaction data structure that makes Vend easily integrated with cloud-based accounting software such as XERO and automates the revenue and cost to a granular level. The real-time accounting integration provides critical information for a business and sets Vend apart from the simple integration that most POS software is unable to achieve. This is the list of mapping between Vend and XERO,

  • Register Closure Settings - How would you like to summarise your sales in Xero when you close your register.

  • Sales Tax - Link your sales taxes in Vend to your corresponding taxes in Xero.

  • Accounts for Products - The product account you choose will apply to sales of all products unless you specify a different account on a product setup page.

  • On Account Sales - Manage how invoices for On Account sales are created.

  • Expenses - How would you like to record purchase orders and the Cost of Goods Sold in Xero.

  • Payment Types - The total sales for each payment type will be posted when the register is closed.

  • Liabilities - Your liability totals will be sent to Xero when they are sold, redeemed, and expired.

  • Accounts for Cash Management - Cash movements total that will be sent to Xero when they are used.

  • Tracking Categories - Track sales from each outlet and your online store by mapping them to Xero Tracking Options.

With such a level of integration, Vend not just provide great benefits at the sales operation but automate the tedious accounting process that saves time and money.

3. Effective customer engagement

Building up your customer base is one of the most important strategies in the headless commerce era. While your customer decided to buy from Lazada or Shopee because of the pricing, they will still buy from you because of your brand and services. Vend CRM function is all you need to build up a client base quickly and provide them with a good shopping experience with you.

Vend CRM integrates with Loyalty, store credit, return transaction management, analytics, and privacy management that make your customer management more effective and accurate.

4. Powerful automation plug-in

Vend open API enables it to automate routine tasks that can easily replace with workflow automation technology. SellerMate + Vend give retailers the most desirable retail management that significantly reduces the dependency on human labor, ensure every mission-critical tasks are completed timeliness and accurately, expanding to any sales channels, automate customer engagement, and streamline the stock management across multiple outlets.

PSG Grant Packages

Customer Reviews

Vend is beautiful and very easy to operate. The software design to simplify many complex tasks that require to operate a retail business especially the multi-outlets one. Vend always come out with great features that inspire others software vendor to follow and define the standard for modern cloud-based POS.

Being the leader of cloud-based POS, Vend continues to release great features that help retailers save costs and grow business. International brands that use Vend to manage outlets across countries have quoted this.

“Vend provide the most easy to use and reliable inventory management functions that we can trust even with integration with eCommerce. Because it is accurate and traceable, we trust the numbers and that save us valuable time and avoid disputing the numbers among our teams.”

3. Lightspeed RMS K-series

Lightspeed K Series Restaurant POS System

BEST FOR Large and enterprise F&b business

PRICING From $79

PHONE +65 66816538

Founded in 2011, iKentoo has established itself as a leader in the realm of high-performance iPad-based omnichannel POS solutions and business management systems for the restaurant and hospitality industry. With a remarkable global presence spanning over 14 countries, including Switzerland, South Africa, and France, iKentoo caters to a vast network of more than 3,800 customer locations. Its unwavering commitment to seamless, intuitive, and reliable solutions has earned it a reputable standing among a diverse range of businesses, encompassing restaurants, multi-site chains, food trucks, festivals, bars, hotels, coffee shops, and delicatessens.

Amidst the dynamic landscape of evolving consumer habits and expectations, the demand for advanced and dependable tech solutions has become more pressing than ever. Here, we introduce the esteemed Lightspeed Restaurant (K Series) - an all-in-one, versatile ePOS system, custom-tailored to meet the unique needs of restaurants. Our pride in showcasing its brilliance knows no bounds.

Lightspeed Restaurant (K Series) transcends the mere status of an ePOS till system. Rather, it stands as an advanced commerce platform, empowering businesses to excel across various domains. Whether managing delivery and takeaway orders or seamlessly conducting menu engineering and generating sales reports, it offers a centralized hub from which businesses can effortlessly navigate the intricacies of the hospitality industry.

Witness firsthand why Lightspeed Restaurant (K Series) is hailed as the ultimate restaurant ePOS software, propelling hospitality businesses to new heights in this era of transformation.

Enter a realm of enhanced table service efficiency with the aid of our mobile point of sale. With newfound freedom, staff can move gracefully between tables, sending orders to the kitchen and processing payments on the spot. Such mobility elevates table service, allowing staff to invest more time and care in delivering exceptional customer experiences, setting your restaurant apart from the competition.

Beyond its revolutionary table service capabilities, our ePOS system for restaurants boasts an array of cutting-edge features. These include the seamless splitting of customers' orders into courses, the option for customers to order by course or seat, swift editing of orders in Edit mode to accommodate sudden changes, and personalized guest orders with tailored product sequences. Furthermore, effortless creation and management of floor plans through a single, user-friendly system and the facilitation of fast payments with the ability to split bills by Item, Cover, or Seat ensure smooth and efficient transactions.

In an ever-evolving restaurant industry, adaptability reigns supreme. With Lightspeed Restaurant ePOS, swift menu changes are at your fingertips, free from the constraints of requiring support teams. Effortlessly add and edit menus across multiple locations with the simplicity of one system. This unparalleled flexibility empowers businesses to cater swiftly to shifting demands and circumstances.

Now, envision a new revenue stream emerging - the integration of a food delivery service into your existing business model. Embrace the ease of implementing these changes with Lightspeed's back office. Duplicate your existing menu, make necessary adjustments to cater to delivery, and seamlessly sync your new delivery menu with Deliverect. Experience the seamless integration of third-party delivery apps like Deliveroo and UberEATS, where customers can effortlessly discover your menu, placing orders directly through your ePOS.

Amid the ever-changing landscape, let your restaurant shine by embracing Lightspeed Restaurant (K Series). Experience the seamless and innovative ePOS system propelling your hospitality business to new heights. Embark on this transformative journey and witness the unparalleled power of Lightspeed!


  • Complete suite of software solutions from the front of the house to back of house, including CFD, KDS, POS, mobile POS, and Order Display (eSignage).

  • Support for non-proprietary standard point-of-sale hardware, such as tablets, printers, and cash drawers.

  • Integrated Lightspeed payments for seamless checkout and accounting reconciliation.

  • Compliance with accounting practices and operational flexibility.

  • User-friendly menu management, accounting groups, and item management, including combo and modifiers, with sophisticated scheduled price book architectures.

  • UI-based floor plans and tables layout designer for convenient visual management.

  • Secure design to ensure only authorized devices and personnel have access to sensitive information.

  • Accurate and bug-free order management, capable of handling exceptional workflows like transitory orders.

  • Built-in stock management, including productions, stock movements, inventory tracking, and rules control.

  • Insightful reporting suite to monitor high-level and low-level details, including discounts and staff corrections.

  • 3rd party App integration via open API for digital ordering, CRM loyalty, delivery, inventory management, BI reporting, and GTO mall reporting.


4. Eats365 F&B POS System

Eats365 is the most complete f&b pos system design with operation in mind.

BEST FOR Small to Large F&B business

PRICING Free version to Enterprise

WEBSITE Visit website

PHONE +65 66816538

Since 2019, eats365 made a remarkable growth to 500 merchants till date despite F&b going through the most difficult times in the history. The restaurant digital ordering platform empower restaurants to pivot through online ordering and QR ordering systems before the new trend gain popularity in Singapore. As a pioneer F&b technology provider, eats365 has proven its forward looking vision and set a new benchmark for others to follow.

90% of the restaurants consider digital ordering solutions as one of the most important strategy after went through COVID-19 locked down experiences.

Eats365 provides comprehensive tools for the restaurants with digital ordering capability. It is considered one of the most completed pos systems for the restaurant business in Asia. The native cloud POS solutions is hosted online and able to run offline to keep the operation going even if the Internet is down without complex infrastructure setup such as using a local PC.

Despite of vast availability of offering of POS systems in the market and eats365 stand out as a winner because of the highly efficient and proven operation workflow design and scalability from start-up to an enterprise that operates multiple restaurant brands across countries. And the quality of the software is unparalleled when in terms of software bugs and instability that could hinder restaurant operation.

Eats365 continue to be the market leader in F&b POS segment by pioneering technology that has proven to optimised productivity and increase customer retention. The company has recently launching fully DIY ordering and payment solution that integrated with QR ordering. Through the new technology, F&b are expecting to reduce at least half a head count cost through automated systems.

With the pos system, plus dine-in self-ordering and online digital ordering. Eats365 is one of the PSG pre-approved solutions that SME clients can purchase and claim back 80% of the cost.

You can signup a free trial or contact them for more details.


Integrated Apps

  • XERO cloud accounting

  • FoodRunZone restaurant supply chain management

  • Rewardly digital ordering, membership, loyalty and payment solution

  • Shopping Mall GTO integration with all shopping mall in Singapore

  • FoodMarketHub inventory management

  • Aigens restaurant digital ordering

  • Inline online reservation

  • SevenRooms online reservation

  • PandaGO

Payment Integrations

  • Global Payment

  • FirstData

  • NETS

  • Stripe

  • PayNow

  • Atome

  • GrabPay

Food Aggregator/Marketplace & Logistic Integrations

  • FoodPanda

  • GrabFood

  • UberEats

  • Deliveroo

  • Hubster

  • Eats365 Marketplace

  • Zeek Delivery

Comparison with other F&B POS

  • iPad POS

  • Android POS

  • Conventional POS

Customer Reviews

Eats365 understand and listen to their customers. They act quickly to improve the platform so that their client can continue to remain competitive and relevant to the food and beverage business. Some client shares their positive experiences with us that can be useful to you if you considering eats365.

PSG Grant Packages


Featured in


5. Shopify iPad Point of Sale

Shopify provide integrated eCommerce and POS for omnichannel retail

BEST FOR Cloud-based ePOS system

PRICING Starts at USD29 per month

Shopify has staggering 1,000,000 active stores globally in 2020. Start from an eCommerce platform, Shopify is able to connect to many POS systems to synchronize sales, customer, and inventory from and through. Shopify launches Shopify ePOS in 2013 to make it easy to sell in stores and connect directly with Shopify eCommerce.

Shopify ePOS provides a platform for both offline and online sales and managing order fulfilment easily for small retailers. It comes with a mobile app to allow you to access to most important information when you are on the go.

It is most suitable for retailers who wish to sell on multi-channels and start with a tool that they can jumpstart easily.


Customer Reviews

Many shop owners have found Shopify to be one of the best ePOS systems in Singapore that they’ve ever used. They said that this is because of its ability to set up eCommerce and ePOS systems easily.

Here’s feedback from one of its users:

“We use Shopify to manage our stores and allow customer to purchase online and pickup from our outlets. It i so amazing that we can deal with such complex retail operation with just one system.”

6. Weebo POS System

Weebo POS System

BEST FOR Retail, Services and F&b


PHONE +65 87718700

At Weebo, the company firmly believes that POS systems should embody swiftness, user-friendliness, and intuitiveness. Guided by this belief, Weebo has diligently crafted solutions tailored for the needs of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), ensuring minimal user interaction is required.

Since 2013, Weebo has partnered with over 800 enterprises spanning various industries. Their collaboration has led to the seamless optimization of business operations through their advanced POS and payment solutions.

Elevate your chain brand's potential with Weebo's leading POS solutions. Tailored to businesses in Singapore, the comprehensive POS solution transforms revenue generation. Through intuitive solutions, customer service is enhanced, sales opportunities are illuminated, and costs are streamlined. Essentially, Weebo's POS system is strategically designed to amplify profitability. Distinguished by its user-friendly design, the Weebo POS system is more than just a tool to reduce user engagement and save time in customer-centric environments.

The journey begins at the POS terminal. Every sale made by the team is securely archived on Weebo's Cloud-based server. This reservoir of information serves as a wellspring to optimize business processes, drive efficiency, and enhance profitability.

The Point of Sale System securely houses invaluable sales data on the Cloud. This accessibility empowers businesses to chart strategic courses using this pivotal data, regardless of their global location.

Weebo's POS system caters to Singaporean businesses, offering a sleek user interface that oversees multifaceted business aspects. It simplifies access to sales data, enables order creation based on sales statistics, manages deliveries, generates reports, and monitors inventory levels - all accomplished with just a few clicks.

Acknowledging the intricacies of SME management, Weebo empathizes with the complexities of handling extensive SKUs, calculating commissions, managing inventory, and forecasting. Their POS solution automates these critical responsibilities, giving entrepreneurs more time to engage with their clientele.

The POS platform seamlessly scales business expansion. Integrating new products takes seconds with simple steps or the option to upload product lists via Excel spreadsheets. Replicating products is equally effortless, making new store setup straightforward. By embracing Weebo, businesses can remotely monitor sales performance and revolutionize operational paradigms through inventory management.

Weebo's offerings include user-friendly Android-based interfaces, mobile POS ordering, nearly real-time reporting, precise cost management, customizable user roles and permissions, and ingredient management for bill of materials (BOM) to regulate inventory levels.


  • Cloud based POS system with open API.

  • Weebo values fast, user-friendly POS systems.

  • Tailored solutions for SMEs, minimal user interaction.

  • Partnered with 800+ businesses since 2013 for advanced POS solutions.

  • Transforming revenue for Singaporean businesses.

  • Intuitive solutions enhance service, sales, and cost efficiency.

Limited Promotions

With the purchase of Weebo solutions, SME can enjoy the special freebies in limited time. Contact Weebo for more details.


7. TableReady Digital Ordering POS

TableReady POS

BEST FOR Restaurant or Cafe

PRICING $1/day

TableReady App is the next generation cloud-based digital ordering software focus on helping restaurant business to manage the restaurant operation efficiently. Most of the POS system in the Singapore market are design to address simple ordering workflow such as over the counter transaction or quick service restaurant operation. Such systems does not have the capability to help complex restaurant workflow and the staff will end up managing the ordering or fulfilment manually.

TableReady App work closely with established full service restaurants to develop features that is very close to their day-to-day operation and hosted in the cloud. This made TRA a powerful systems that every restaurant should consider and migrating to a platform that can help them to increase productivity and be more resilient to the impact of digital transformation.

Unlike the typical cloud-based F&B software that offer subscription pricing model, TRA offer a perpetual licensing or subscription licensing model, and various add-on module such as CRM Loyalty system, QR code ordering system, inventory management module to fulfil the needs of restaurant.


  • Support Full Service or Quick Service Restaurant

  • Native Cloud with Offline Protection

  • Support Single or Set Menu

  • Support Multi-outlets

  • Built-in Reservation Function

  • Analytic Reports and Dashboard

  • Support Most of the Thermal Printer

  • Ready for QR code ordering

  • Built-in Employee Management


8. Shopkeep

Shopkeep pos help restaurant business to increase productivity and save cost.

BEST FOR Small business

PRICING Get a quote

PHONE +1 (844) 986 2191

ShopKeep is another iPad POS system that’s built with a simple yet powerful interface where you can easily manage real-time sales inventory, stock management, reporting, and many more!

It’s one of the best POS systems in Singapore for those who have a small business. It features competent point of sale and payment solutions that’ll help grow your business and take it to greater heights.

The best thing about this platform is that you can have a customized bundle to enhance the time-efficiency of your business.


  • Bookkeeping

  • Employee time tracking

  • Customer data management

  • built-in payment solutions

Customer Reviews

Many users loved the overall features of ShopKeep and praised its easy-to-use system. A business owner posted this feedback:

“I’ve used ShopKeep for a little over 3 years. I love how easy it is to use the system and train new employees. My workload is so much lighter.”

9. Lightspeed Retail ePOS Software

Lightspeed pos is world leading pos system design for restaurant business.

BEST FOR Retail or Restaurant business

PRICING Free trial

PHONE 866 932 1901

Lightspeed provides retail and restaurant pos solutions hosted in the cloud. It is powerful and easy to use especially the iPad version which inherits the Apple iPad DNA. Lightspeed Restaurant POS support multiple devices such as a printer, cash drawer, and barcode scanner, for larger restaurant, Lightspeed POS allows creating multiple sections to help restaurant better manage the operation and keep the staffs informed on the table status.

For retail solutions, Lightspeed provides a desktop version where users can make use of the MacBook to operate the point of sale software. It is rich with features and ships with an inventory management function to help retailers with stock management.

Over 70000 users using Lightspeed for their restaurant and retail stores.


  • Point of sale

  • Table management

  • Customer management

  • Inventory control

Customer Reviews

The restaurant trusted Lightspeed for helping them to streamline the operation process. We hear that from a restaurant owner who uses Lightspeed to manage their restaurant for the last 3 years.

“We have been using Lightspeed for little over 3 years. I love how easy it is to use the system and organise at our busiest hours. My customers like our food and happy with our services”

10. Revel Systems

Revel is enterprise grant pos system for hospitality business.

BEST FOR F&b POS system

PRICING from $140, No free trial


PHONE +1 (415) 744 1433

Revel Systems provide quick service and food-oriented businesses. Their iPad POS system is designed to provide fast transactions, data security, and operational management.

Many leading businesses use Revel Systems for a good reason– its intuitive design makes customer transactions and employee training a breeze. It can also aid your business decisions by collecting real-time data and detailed analytics.

Revel Systems’ POS system is one of the platforms that will help your business grow and will adapt to it too. This innovative technology has many more features you can use and tailor to your own business.


  • iPad POS Systems

  • CRM Software

  • Real-time insights

  • eCommerce Integration


11. TouchBistro

Touchbistro is leading f&b pos that empower restaurant to uphold the customer service standard.

BEST FOR F&b POS system

PRICING from $140, No free trial

PHONE +1 (855) 363 5252

TouchBistro is one of the leading iPad POS systems for the restaurant business. It is currently powered by over 23,000 restaurants globally and has been named one of the best POS systems for restaurants four years straight.

The POS software built-in with standard restaurant till function like split bills, split payment, loyalty program, tips management, and even employee management.

Being one of the top pos systems, TouchBistro received most of the positive feedback from real users over the world. The solution providers did not focus on the Asia region which is a disadvantage for businesses who intend to use TouchBistro here.


  • POS

  • Real-time insights

  • Customizable technology


12. SquareUp

Squareup is world best free pos system with multi millions subscribers.

BEST FOR Free POS system

PRICING Free of use

SquareUp has one of the largest users based in the world as the free pos system. There are 24 million active customers who use the pos software to power their business every day.

The free pos system provides generous features and more than enough for a small business to manage their business every day. It has one of the most intuitive user interfaces that anyone can learn and know how to use it.

Square is suitable for the small eatery, food kiosk, or moms and pops store use. And it runs on iPad or Android tablets with standard hardware that you can easily find at local POS hardware stores.


“We started our business without a lot of budget and Square POS seems to be the best option for us at the beginning. We are 5 years old now and the POS system still works very well for us even if we are operating multiple outlets.”

13. Loyverse

Loyverse is world leading all in one cloud based pos system for small business.

BEST FOR F&b POS system

PRICING Free tier, $5 to $25 monthly add-on

PHONE +357 25 030021

Loyverse is another free iPad pos systems with large users based globally. The software is suitable for retail and f&b shop operation thanks to the comprehensive inventory management it provides.

The software comes with free tiers packed with essential functionality such as CRM, basic inventory, loyalty, payment, promotion, and real-time reporting which suitable for most of the business.

Users can upgrade to advanced inventory management and employee management function. It also comes with open API and integration capability with accounting software like XERO, or Quickbook online.


“As a small business, we do not need a lot of complexity and simple POS system will just help a lot. Loyverse is cloud based, come with free version and easy to buy hardware from online. It is no brainer choice compare to some expensive pos systems in the market.”

14. Hikeup

Hikeup is your best choice for running a retail business with multi outlets.

BEST FOR Retail POS system

PRICING from $59

HikeUp is a cloud-based iPad POS system developed for a retail business that sells store and eCommerce. It is one of the most features rich retail pos system available in the market that offers tools like multi-outlets inventory management, CRM, loyalty, promotion, and real-time analytics reporting for retailers.

You can operate Hike with your existing POS hardware or using an iPad. HikeUp is using common hardware that most of the iPad POS systems using which you can easily purchase from a POS hardware dealer.

For advanced users who looking to integrate Hike POS with legacy systems, they can explore Hike API to achieve the goal.


  • Cloud POS System

  • Inventory management

  • Customer management

  • Promotion management

  • Loyalty

  • Integration with eCommerce


15. Sapaad

pos system that run on any hardware

BEST FOR Restaurant POS system

PRICING from $57.99


PHONE +65 6224 0777

Sapaad is a Cloud-based Restaurant POS and Delivery Management System. We would like to recommend them because of the number of features thier platform offers, that can help you effectively run and grow your restaurant.

In comparison to other systems, this has everything you need to run your restaurant smoothly. From a Cloud-based Restaurant POS, Online Ordering System, Inventory Management to Kitchen Display Systems, Delivery Managers, and QR Code Ordering, they got it all.

What’s unique about them is that they are partnered with leading food ordering and delivering platforms such as Deliveroo, UberEats, Talabat, Lalamove, and more.

We think they are great because they offer to try Sapaad for free for 14 days. This has instant access and no credit cards required.


  • Works across devices

  • Works online and offline, all you need is an active internet connection

  • Can support multiple locations

  • Extremely safe and secure


16. Bindo POS

multi function pos system ready for f&b and retail business

BEST FOR Retail and F&B POS system

PRICING from $149


PHONE 212-991-8562

Bindo is a cloud-based iPad POS solutions build for hospitality and retail business. It is currently approximately 10,000 merchants world wide powering their business with efficient point of sale function, inventory management systems, CRM and loyalty features, and powerful analytics features to help merchant under their business better.

The cloud-based POS system provide open API and readily connect to accounting platform like Xero, and eCommerce such as Shopify or allow developer to build add-on to plugin to the ecosystems.

Bindo POS is one of the worthy solutions that SME should consider while starting a retail or f&b business as it is reliable and cost effective solutions to grow a business.


  • Ready for retail or F&b

  • Built-in Inventory management systems, CRM and Loyalty

  • Connecting with eCommerce and accounting software

  • Provide a apps marketplace to expand platform capability

  • Open API


17. Erply POS

pos system with enterprise grade features

BEST FOR Retail POS system

PRICING from $60


PHONE +65 6808 7735

Erply is a one of the most comprehensive POS systems that can help the business to grow and tackle the common "growing pains" that SME will encounter. It provide comprehensive functionality to address point of sale operation, inventory management, loyalty and integration with online shop. It is readily connect to Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop and many more, SME can even consider to leverage on its open API to connect to the preferred eCommerce platform when selling omnichannel.

The solution operate in multiple countries around the world and consider as one of the leading global pos solution providers.

We think Erply is one of the worthy solutions that SME should look into while sourcing for POS systems.


  • Powerful retail functionality with enterprise capability

  • Integrated with major online eCommerce platforms

  • Integrated with major account software

  • Vast choices of hardware compatible with the solution

  • Open API


Frequently Ask Questions

1. How we shortlist the best POS for SME?

We based on the stability, features, openness of the solution, the underlying technology, and the future scalability of the platform. The sequence of the listing does not interpret the overall quality of the solution.

2. What is API?

Starting from 1 Sep 2021, open API is one of the mandate requirements for PSG pre-approved solution. Open API is an international standard for cloud software to be able to inter-connected to with greater open IT ecosystems. 

Solutions without open API or without a published API document will not be listed due to the proprietary nature that is against the open IT ecosystems.

3. Can my solution get listed?

We welcome solution providers who wish to list their solution here to contact us. We do not ask for reciprocal link or fees. Please contact us for the listing.

The business world is ever-changing. The best POS solution listed today is based on the features, pricing, and support from the context of the Singapore SME environment. We continue to evaluate different POS systems to provide an up-to-date comparisons that we hope will help you to find the most suitable POS software that works for you in long term.

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