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We redefine "Fast onboarding"

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In business, time is money. It is never "too fast" to get ready to sell because the opportunity of selling may arise anytime. Without the ability to accept payment from your customer, you can't sell. You can now ready to sell in less than a week, with the ability to accept any payment from your customer. Start applying Rewardly Pay now.


Day 0


Day 0


Day 1

Submit documents

Day 3


Start applying your account through our portal at by signing up a Rewardly Pay account.

We received your submission and will start evaluating your application. You will be notify within a day for the outcome. We might call you for verification if necessary.

Your application has been accepted and you can now proceed to submit supporting documents for our checking.

Your Rewardly Pay account is now ready and we will contact you to deliver the payment hardware to you. You are ready to accept payment as soon as you have power up the payment terminal.

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