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IOP United


IOP Preschool


The Curve, Malaysia; Singapore; Myammar; Indonesia


IOP Preschool believes that every child should have the opportunity to experience the joys of growing up, the challenges of developing new skills and the satisfaction of success. We are totally committed to building a healthier future. Child development psychologist, Dr Janine Spencer advocates that physical activity helps develop thinking, language and abstract planning skills.


As a pre-school services provider, IOP United is not just pioneer in their core business but also invest heavily in IT equipment and automated solution. Being a leader in the children education sector, IOP United understand the importance of IT solution to help them stay ahead for being the pioneer and able to quantify the IT investment cost for system like Vend.


We love the simplicity of Vend POS to help us capture our sales and post to the accounting software seamlessly. As a organization with multiple branches across South East Asia region, we need to have such integration to reduce manual work and connect all the branches with one system. Cloud based solution will definitely help us connecting the dots and keep up with our expansion.

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