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Korean Spur


SPUR Singapore


Plaza Singapura, #04-02


SPUR Shoe is the first authentic Korean fashion brand arrived in Singapore. Korean SPUR was founded in 2009 by a company with experience in making luxury shoes, and has built up a reputation for quality shoes that are on-trend but also pretty.

The brand has also been associated with K-Pop star like, Yuri from Girl's Generation and the members of Wonder Girls and Kara, as well as Kim Jung-ah from After School, actresses Han Hyo-Joo, Ji Hyn-Woo, Kim Gyu-ri and Kim Nam-Joo, as well as all-round K-Idol, Yoon Eun-Hye.

The design team behind Spur like to describe the brand as "expressing a girl's fantasy through a pair of shoes", and with wallet-friendly prices like $108 for super cute flats, and only $139 for concealed heel flats, these shoes are sure to make your fashion fantasies come true.

All in all, Spur Shoe are a great mix of comfort, style and affordability.


Keeping shop operation lean and deliver quality service for good customer experiences is crucial. Our customers comprised of walk-in and corporate customer, which have different tier of pricing as well as discount. A Point of sale solution that can keep track of the price book, inventory, customer information will relieve sales personnel from the need to remember every details in order to complete a transaction. Ability to expand to multiple outlets is important as we need to keep track of warehouse, in-store and loan inventory.


SPUR Shoe is a typical fashion & apparel retail outlets operate with simple and straight forward model. A loosely couple systems that provide inventory, price book, customer management and ability to integrate with other solutions (accounting, ecommerce, or reporting) is idea to aid the sales operation and harvesting operational data without over complicate with unnecessary features. We added shopping mall integration and business intelligence dashboard to auto-piloting routine task so that the shop have more bandwidth focusing on sales and customer services.

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