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RestaurantGoDigital - Shin Kushiya

The Restaurant

There is a mathematical axiom that would have us believe a straight line is always the shortest distance between two points. That may be true in plane geometry, but we know this is not the case when dealing with spherical surfaces; or, for that matter, if you happen to operate a Bincho Charcoal restaurant called Shin Kushiya—so named to convey the four pillars of their brand promise: novelty (新), authenticity (真), truthfulness (信), and from the heart (心), all pronounced “shin” in Japanese Kanji.

To be clear, the décor does suggest this restaurant tolerates no shortcuts in clarifying that their four-word slogan is not a mere play on words (with a contemporary backdrop set amidst dark shades of furniture perhaps most saliently evoking the concept of novelty). Another prominent feature, a perfectly straight alley connecting the front and back ends of the restaurant, may prove the one exception, however well it may otherwise convey truthfulness from the heart. For traversing this lane can feel like the longest possible distance between customers and the kitchen crew… at least as far as it concerns the waiting staff caught in between all the tables interspersed throughout.

The Challenge

As a matter of fact, navigating through this 180-seater diner to serve up signature Kushiyaki skewers used to feel a bit like flying across what is known in aviation as the great circle route (in actuality the shortest route due to the earth’s curvature). And as though trying to finesse the order workflow is not challenging enough for a restaurant this size, there is the daily sales report required by the mall still to be contended with—a task further compounded by the fact that that their old system did not differentiate between a la carte and combo sales.

Without the right technological tools indeed, the most seemingly straightforward pathways to order fulfilments can also leave the entire crew feeling like they crashed to the ground and burnt (as would a plane sans GPS system following a literal straight line from Tokyo to Singapore). But when managed— and run—with an IT infrastructure agile enough to reflect on digital menus a real-time inventory, nothing, not even items sold out for the day, will again result in wasted trips for crew members to the kitchen and back.

Going Digital

Prior to implementing Eats365’s system, Shin Kushiya’s problems in synchronizing customer orders across every POS touchpoint were indeed more than trivial, but their commitment to service excellence, amplified by an unsparing if anxious desire to eradicate operational inefficiencies, convinced them that a cloud-based POS system providing business continuity through and through is the path to follow. How could they have known that they would not only do that, but surpass the ROI standards they have set for themselves by lightyears in both cost savings and employee satisfaction? Certainly they have since managed to eliminate a total of more than 50% extra movement on behalf of their ground crew, along with a 20% increase in order capacity to show for.

But the real results, where maximum scalability is worked into an adaptive POS ecosystem, are usually the same: symbiotic, hassle-free, and efficient. Their sales reporting, too, was brought into the Eats365 cloud in an effortless and smart manner much appreciated for the convenience it confers. In this regard, we won’t be surprised to find the final trip their crew takes daily—the one taken back home—might start with the impressive view of Sentosa across the restaurant made all the more idyllic (and as a bonus, if one peers through the clouds carefully, an aeroplane could occasionally be seen trailblazing).

Either way, all in a day’s work!

PSG Grant for Restaurant

Eats365 is part of the Productivity Solution Grant (PSG) offer restaurant a great opportunity to embark on digital transformation with 80% of the cost subsidized by the government grant.

Do you know if a customer patronized your restaurant more than 3 times, they will habitually come back again and become your regular. This is fully possible with Rewardly + Eats365.


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