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RestaurantGoDigital - Yomie Yogurt

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

The Restaurant

Having breached the 100th outlet milestone across the globe not too long ago, Yomie Rice Yogurt’s popularity has come to reflect a growing market for specialty diet drinks. Since their humble beginnings in Sydney indeed, they have made wholesome a condition for sustainable growth, rather than a shortcut to target the health-conscious for market share in the moment.

The Challenge

With rapid expansion, however, came a new set of challenges. When Yomie Rice Yogurt approached us, they certainly were under no illusion about the difficulties involved in franchise management—they were immense and were not only of a logistical nature, although these alone would be considerable.

At stake was the question of how best to guarantee consistency in menu selection across all outlets. Given that Yomie’s recipe for making yogurt out of purple rice exists in the broader framework of blending nutrition with tastiness, variety constituted the formula for a business model that must keep up with changing tastes and, if it gained traction more by adaptation than by cutting corners, still governs quality controls, standardizes operations, and expedites across-the-board customer engagement.

Going Digital

To that end, their decision to implement Eats365, our highly configurable POS system, turned out to have been a propitious one. Above all, what they needed was a system that can augment their chain business as a robust system and as a reliable, seamless architecture.

The point is to get every outlet on the same page when it comes to building brand consistency, and nowhere is this more pressing than making sure food preparation is done with a uniform protocol. After all, Yomie Rice Yogurt’s brand promise is “Made Fresh in Store”, with the corollary that theirs is yogurt made of high-quality milk cultured for 24 hours daily—at every store—so as to pack the greatest amount of vitamins and antioxidants.

Yet the benefits of having system as such go beyond the ability to streamline operations. The other chief advantage underlying the Eats365 system is the use of centralized controls as a vehicle for providing customers with an omnichannel experience, and in the most striking instances, this amounts to recognizing individual customers across all touchpoints.

That said, with the recent opening of their outlet at Lot One Mall, Yomie Rice Yogurt now has seven ways to Sunday, quite literally, to launch promotional events across all outlets in real-time (this newest addition being the 7th outlet and counting!)

PSG Grant for Restaurant

Eats365 is part of the Productivity Solution Grant (PSG) offer restaurant a great opportunity to embark on digital transformation with 80% of the cost subsidized by the government grant.

Eats365 is the leading F&b POS solution in Asia powering more than 3000 restaurants of all sizes. It is the most complete restaurant system comprised of POS, Inventory management, customer reward systems, booking systems, and 3rd party integration.


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