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RestaurantGoDigital - Shaburi & Kintan

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

The Restaurant

Shaburi & Kintan The flavor of BBQ beef wafts near and far out of grills, delectable, savory with a touch of premium. There are wooden poles decked out between tables, where patrons now indulge their appetite, now lose themselves in the company of friends. This is Shaburi & Kintan, an enterprise born out of the vision to bring a slice of Japanese food culture to the world.

The restaurant is so named because it is in actuality an attempt to bring together Shabu-shabu and Kintan style BBQ under one roof. In that gastronomical fusions have long been tried, Shaburi & Kintan is, while distinct, not entirely novel. Where the restaurant finds itself in uncharted waters is their 2-in-1 hot pot and buffet offering—a combination of two very disparate dining concepts—which does bring with it many more moving parts that quickly pushed their crew to the verge of disarray.

The Challenge

Yet the problems they faced could easily have been resolved with a cloud-managed POS system, to which all self-service restaurants do and every all-you-can-eat joint must subscribe these days.

For beyond the challenge of constantly having to update items on the menu based on combo packages lies that of ensuring orders do not get mixed up, especially given that this is necessarily done piecemeal (the selection of side dishes alone that Shabu-shabu offers—sushi rolls, chawanmushi, kimchi pancakes—already leaves the patrons a little more than spoilt for choice at any given moment). Only fitting then that the design of customized menu management was what animated the main, certainly the first, solution we came up with for Shaburi & Kintan.

Going Digital

To no small degree and on many levels, our integration of QR ordering with Eats365 POS made a vital impact on their day-to-day operations, between controlling diner access to menu items and fully automating the billing process via QR code technology.

Of no less significance has been the boon that our system has meant to the restaurant’s order fulfillment—and, above all, inventory management—in a way that prevents with great accuracy many of the usual human errors, and at the same time cuts both downtime and the need for onsite support all the way to zero.

At the end of the day, we are just glad they are able to say “Oishii” in view of the 30% increased productivity they experienced with our system.

Okawari Kudasai!

PSG Grant for Restaurant

Eats365 is part of the Productivity Solution Grant (PSG) offer restaurant a great opportunity to embark on digital transformation with 80% of the cost subsidized by the government grant.

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