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Sulin Serio


Sulin Serio


B1-18 Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247933


Inspired by textures & stunning hues in semi-precious stones, SuLin Serio injects funk and sensuality into her designs. Born and bred in the melting pot that is Singapore, she fuses East West to create dramatic haute couture as well as casual chic for Today’s Woman, to enhance every fashion need - from boardroom style to resort wear, from designer denims to gala nights.


Knowing what your customer purchase in the past and recommend the product that suite their taste will make the customer happy and build a lasting relationship. We have been operating with Cash Register which is pretty manual and take a lot of time to manage the inventory. We are looking for a system that is easy to use and will give us immediate answer to the inventory and help us understand our customer better. Vend seems to work as intended and able to link up with Shopify eCommerce.


Sulin Serio has explore a few type of POS system and decided to go with Vend. Although Vend license fees is not the cheapest but consider the benefits that it can being to the shop, Vend still the most suitable solution for most of the small and medium retailer. We emphasize of the easy to use and simple to troubleshoot features to ensure minimal downtime that could occurred on any of the POS system. Ability to troubleshoot remotely is also one of the key consideration when we recommended the solution to Sulin Serio.

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