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Sultans of Shave


Sultan of Shave


11 North Canal Road #02-01 Singapore, Singapore 048824


Sultans of Shave journey started with a quest to revive one of the oldest but less than glamorous trades in Singapore, the back alley barber. The barber is a profession that dates back to every era known to man, from being a prized member of staff that served the Egyptian pharaohs, Sultans of the Ottoman Empire and more recently, the British royal family.

With the discerning tastes gained from their distant travels and the penchant for quality of today’s gentlemen in mind, SoS devoted countless hours and resources to achieve this goal - albeit with a contemporary twist to suit the modern male.

SoS immersed themselves in the home of the quintessential gentleman, London. Whilst they were there, SoS crew trained to shave, got shaved, engaged barbers and customers and sampled numerous products, all with the aim of perfecting the experience at Sultans of Shave.


Sultans of Shave well position as a upper class lifestyle saloon targeting for modern male. They have successfully retain the heritage yet adopting the new technology of Cloud computing to drive the business with refreshing element to attract IT savvy working class. Sultan of Shave integrate their appointment system (Timely) with the POS which allow the customer to pre-book the preferred time slot yet intelligently distribute the appointment without overloading the crew.

The small foot print hardware with features rich functionality Vend POS allow the customer to handle almost any type of transactions yet blend in to the design with subtle hint of modern taste.


Simple and easy to operate system is important for us as so that we do not have to engage the specialist to deal with the functionality or retraining. We also like to have an integrated system which we can find the information online without having to go through different system to retrieve information.

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