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The Alternative Story


The Alternative Story


Block 702 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 #01-2515, Singapore 560702


The Alternative Story believe that a child is naturally curious and loves to learn. However, formal education can sometimes kill that curiosity. At The Alternative Story, they hope to create an environment where that curiosity is kindled and a child will come to classes loving to learn. In the process, the child does not just learn to achieve high scores but they develop a thirst for knowledge which will follow them through their lives.


The Alternative Story (TAS) run 5 centers in Singapore span from East to West. Managing the operation for multiple centers can be a huge challenge not to mention that TAS also distributing their copyright text book through the local bookstores. It has been a pain point for TAS to have a real time and accurate inventory reading and managing the safety stock level to prevent overstock or shortage. Sales consolidation is also resource intensive and lagging as it require manual consolidation.

We are glad to be able to work with TAS team to deploy an integrated solution to resolve most of the challenges they are facing by suggesting Vend Point of Sale solutions. Our project team has also deploy integration to consolidate the eCommerce website sales and customer records into POS and eliminate the need to manually reconcile data from silo applications.


POS systems with integrated inventory and customer functions is really helpful for us and we like the portability of running the application on iPad. We are able to monitor the sales in the real time basis even if we are on the go. We are happy with the features Vend has provided so that we can continue to do what we love - Teaching!!

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