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Tart Blanc

Updated: Dec 28, 2019


Tart Blanc


#01-102, Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596


Tart Blanc is a pastry shop that specialize in tarts. The pastry shop serving specially made tarts that is not just aesthetically pleasing but great in taste. The word "Tart Blanc" means that a blank canvas for blending the flavors, textures and colors to the perfections. They serve wide range of tarts from the crowd-pleasing Lemon BlackBerry to more exotic combos like Saffron Poached Pear with Pistachio Cardamon Sponge and Orange Blossom Mascarpone Mousse. There is always some new creation coming on every season to look forward to.


Mellinia Walk shopping center is the first flagship store in Singapore. Tart Blanc looking for a system that give flexibility to expand and and able to handle the ordering process. Cosmetic appearance is also a consideration to blend in to the shop design and does not take up a lot of space at the cashier counter.


The deployment is smooth and fast and the customer is happy with the features that Vend has provided.

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