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The Snack Culture Company


The Snack Culture Company


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The Snack Culture Company is inspired by the cuisine around the world and famous of its signature 'Around The World in 9 Small Plates' Omakase Degustation Dinner. It operate as a cafe at day, small plate restaurant at night and retail store at all time. You will find endless surprise on the finding with the menu offering and intuitive mixed of ingredients from various cultures. Don't miss it!


We are inspired by the cuisine from around the world and wanted to give a different offering by blending them together to give our patrons whole new dining experiences.


We understand The Snack Culture Company is running a cafe and retail store and Vend can be a good fit for managing the inventory and kitchen ordering. The TSP-654 Bluetooth printer minimize the wiring and reduce the hardware failure that usually cause by network connectivity issue. Since Vend is capable to work online and offline, we are quite confidence that the solutions will have minimal downtime that could cause impact to customer business.

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