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Tipple Town Cafe


Tipple Town Cafe


11 Club Street, Singapore 069405


Tippletown is one of the few beer cafes currently operating in Singapore, and their promise is simply to let you enjoy the full depth and breadth of the beer drinking experience. Come on in, and you will discover a very cosy and relaxing atmosphere that makes your beer especially enjoyable. 

Look up on their shelves and you will find the soul of Tippletown – up to 100 labels of exquisite craft beer for you to pick and choose from at any one time. Brewed with highly personalised recipes and from hand-picked ingredients by master brewers, each craft beer is a unique experience in itself. Equally attractive are six legendary brews all put on tap, with more exciting labels to follow. 

To complete your enjoyment, our kitchen stands ready to serve up a full menu of deli favourites, including a trio of signature dishes, every creation a perfect complement to the beer of your choice.


It is a challenge for us to use a retail POS solution in F&B, but thanks for the flexibility of the Vend POS solutions we are able to manage the expectation and roll out the solutions successfully. As we are start to engage with more F&B customer, we are planning to develop add-on features for kitchen management & order management. Thanks to Tipple Town Cafe for sharing the F&B operations with us!


Vend is quick to setup and easy to use. We are running a cafe with simple restaurant setup and F&B just overkill in this case, in terms of pricing as well as the complexity. What we need is a solutions that is able to process the sales, keep track of the inventory and most importantly a scalability and adding more function as we grow. We look forward to EISOL to provide us the solution that going to help us on the kitchen management as well as order management!

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