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Dish the Fish



Dish the Fish


Tiong Bahru Market, West Coast Plaza


At Dishthefish, instilling customers with confidence in the seafood is what they sell. With the right knowledge and seafood, the customer will have the confidence to prepare healthy, delicious meals at home. DTF believe in serving product with quality assurance, and choose to work with suppliers that is trustworthy and up keep the seafood that is safe to consume and from sustainable source. And they always put "Empathy" at the first place to build a long lasting relationship with the customer by learning their preference and recommend the seafood that they like.


You can tell the different when patronizing Dish the fish on your first time if you use to buy seafood from typical fish monger from wet market. It is not just about the seafood but the person that you are interact with has a strong desire to change the world for better place, starting from the seafood that you brought home, cook it and serve to the dining table for your family. He wanted to make sure the seafood that you serve is not just the purpose of fulfilling the needs of nutrients but bring happiness because you are indulging a warm meal with your love one. He is highly driven on the quest of acquiring knowledge that will help him to make better decision, and helping the client. That's the DNA of The New Age Fish Monger.


I heard about Vend during my university years which I see the potential of cloud computing to disrupt the way we live and run business. My point was proven and eventually when I decided to setup my first business, Dishthefish, I choose Vend. The platform empowered me to be able to learn about my customers, and help me a lot on procurement process, like keeping more stock for items that has higher sales, and knowing the customer preferences to procure seafood that they prefer. My business has been Data Driven and with I believe data always tell the truth.

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