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B1-30 Plaza Singapura


Gotomybox is a box rental retail store located at the heart of city, Plaza Singapura shopping mall. The shopping mall is adjacent to the Orchard Road shopping district and right above of the exit of MRT station, hence it is one of the shopping mall with highest human traffic.

As the boxes are rented out to different merchants in long terms or short terms basis and stringent choice of selling items, it create the vibes to attract customer to drop by more frequent than the normal retails store and never feel bored about ever changing products.


Gotomybox is one of the challenging projects we have undertake as the shop needed a systems that is fast in response and easy to use. There is also a need to keep the merchant updated about the sales of their products in real time basis so that they are able to keep track and maintain the inventory safety level. EISOL have develop a Merchant Management Systems to enable the integration with Vend POS and allow merchant to keep track of the latest sales.

By successfully integrated with different systems, we have expand our capability to build a complete cloud application eco-systems around POS, Accounting, eCommerce, Merchant management systems that conventional POS was unable to achieve easily and economically.


We evaluated a few POS systems and we decided to give a try to cloud based POS as it provide us with the features to keep track of the sales and visibility to our merchants. The solution is affordable and allow us to reuse existing equipment without the need to purchase new hardware. And the cloud based POS also help us to protect our sales data without worrying the hardware failure.

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