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Gymm Boxx is a heartlander’s gym, built with top premium fitness equipment. Launched in August 2010, our overall vision is to encourage every individual to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. The gyms are design to provide convenience for fitness enthusiasts to realize their potential and reach their desired goals faster.

Gymmboxx team of trainers is not only certified, but is also very dedicated and passionate in our work. In Gymm Boxx, you will definitely find an energetic and supportive environment for your everyday work out.


Gymmboxx is one of the fastest expanding customer we have. The company director Mr. Steven emphasize important of a IT framework to support the company growth plan and he specifically looking into cloud based solution that has unlimited expand-ability to connect with various business systems. The head of Gymmboxx fitness center, Mr. Umar have also provided his expertise of gym management to help us develop Membership management system to automate the member check in process.

Gymmboxx is one of the best showcase we have to prove the unparalleled cost and growth of a business by leveraging on the integrated cloud based business solutions.


We start using XERO and found out that Vend is able to integrate with XERO accounting system. The features will help us reduce redundancies and give us accurate reading of our P&L. We engaged EISOL to replace the existing POS systems and to build Membership Management Systems for members to self check-in. This has significant impact as we do not need to have a dedicated head count just for members check-in.

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