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Caldecott Broadcast Centre, Singapore 299939


MediaCorp is a group of commercial media companies in Singapore, with business interests in television and radio broadcasting, interactive media, and, to a lesser extent, print publishing and film-making.


Customer was new to retail business and unfamiliar with the POS hardware require to get started. The project manager has contacted us and went through a meeting with the VP of the eCommerce department and understand that the division is looking for a reliable Retail POS solution for the upcoming bookfair. We are glad that our solutions was being picked and have received some good words from the senior management.


Retail is not really our core business and it is the first even we went in. The products SKU involved is quite substantial and we are worry about the porting of data into the system. But it has been a great experience working with EISOL as all our products SKU are ready before the fair has started. We love about the simple user interface too as we have engage part time students to handle the cashier operations. It turn out to be quite smooth and we would seriously consider to engage EISOL for the future event. Will I recommend to my colleagues? Of course I will, based on the good experiences we received.

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