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Singapore Grand Prix Shop


Grand Prix Shop


Singapore Flyer, Singapore


Grand Prix Shop owned the exclusive franchise of F1 Grand Prix in Singapore to carry racing related merchandise, and provide exposure to everyone to learn about track racing through simulator which is not very accessible currently by the general public. They have a few retail outlet and showrooms in Malaysia and Singapore which is reputable among the racing fans.


Grand Prix Shop is in a hurry to setup a POS solutions which can provide real time monitoring by the business owner to keep track of their sales and inventory in remotely. The current cash register that is being use for temporary is unable to keep up with the requirements and not user friendly to the staffs. The project manager, Larry engage EISOL to implement the solutions to ensure that Point of sale services is in place before it become a bottle neck to the overall operation for the shop.


We done some survey on the web as well as through the referral and quickly locked down on EISOL for both POS hardware and the POS solutions. We are happy to with the quality of products, software features and promptly follow-up provided by EISOL. In term of pricing, it is value for money deal consider the hardware specifications and service level. Price transparency is also the main factor we decided to work with the company.

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