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The Buck House Refinery


The Buckhouse Refinery


18 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089125


The Buckhouse Refinery is a fashion stop, a mini-cafe, a space for anyone who lives hard, loves strong, and has darn good style.

They care not if you're male or female, young or old, local or not, you're warmly welcome to the store. Come dressed in your sunday-best, your rainy-comfies, your worst or your finest; but be prepared to find something you like. The Buckhouse draw the line only at cats. 

High-end, low-end, big small short long skinny fit or loose; they stock a curated mix of high street and individualistic labels with a few statement items thrown in.

The Buckhouse always on the lookout for new and exciting labels, from anywhere in the world - because it does not matter where you are from, it only matters what you are.


The Buckhouse Refinery restlessly seeking best fashion sense to fill up their shop space and just like what they quoted, "We mine and you strike the gold". They are passionate about fashion.


The Buckhouse Refinery need a POS that can start small and ability to scale as they need it. Vend is the best choice as it goes by subscription and they can choose to upgrade or downgrade as needed. The small footprint and nice looking "gadget like" equipment is not so "POS looking" but just capable as its big brother "The big black box" conventional POS. They love it for an obvious reason.

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