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DaCave Clothing



Queensway Shopping Mall, Singapore


The Da’cave Store is an independently owned premium street wear and urban clothing boutique based in Singapore located in the Central part of Singapore in Queensway shopping Center. Da'cave Store was established in 1998 and just celebrated our 10th year Anniversary last year.  Since 2005, Da'Cave have been focused on premium headgear and are authorized dealers in Singapore for world famous brands like, New Era Cap co, Zephyr Graf-x USA caps, OFFICAL cap co, Da'Cave aim to constantly develop their brand lists with the most interesting and coolest designs for our fans. Our labels have a great deal of heritage and history behind them or very creative people at the helm. 

We always go for labels that are slightly off center from the usual street wear names, with strong emphasis on quality.


Da'Cave has a vision to expand it business to eCommerce and leveraging on Cloud technology for their retail operation. Being one of the oldest and popular brands in local market Da'Cave receive a strong support from the fans who love the design and quality of their products and it is common to see the fans lining up to patronize the shop. Vend POS subscription model give them great flexibility to upgrade or downgrade the subscription plan easily to maintain high level of customer experiences without heavy cost investment for the hardware or additional licensing.


Vend is easy to use and super fast to deploy. The subscription price is also reasonable and give us some assurance of business expand-ability and support-ability. The iPad solutions also reduce the foot print on the counter top and allow us to bring it anywhere within the shop floor. It is a truly mobile POS solutions that we are looking for.

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