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League Lifestyle


League Lifestyle Sport


Punggol Plaza, Singapore


League Lifestyle is a sport apparel and accessories store strategically located at the basement of Punggol Plaza. League Lifestyle focusing on providing value for money and accessibility of sport apparel and accessories to the heartland residents in Punggol. "We also supply to the nearby school to encourage student to involve in sport activities and nature and habit to exercise more often.". League Lifestyle also running promotion from time to time to let student taking advantage on grabbing cheaper sports gear and able to participate more in sport activities.


League Lifestyle ramp up their products portfolio rapidly and looking for a system which provide ability to scale up and down easily. They also impress by the mobility provided by Vend to be able to process sales while away from retail counter. The shop owner, Mr. Krishna love the idea of able to monitor the sales online as he is not at the shop most of the time. "Ability to monitor the sales in real time give me the flexibility to track my sales and inventory remotely. And I do not have to be physically in the shop every time.".


Vend POS is idea for us for its simplicity and scalability. As a SOHO business model, I need a system to give me access to the data anytime anywhere and response to the situation promptly.

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