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Beauty Box Salon


BeautyBox Salon


The Verge, Singapore


Beauty Box is a beauty saloon providing facial treatment services and selling cosmetics products. The show is located at The Verge shopping mall which is close by to Little India and Bugis, it is conveniently accessible either by public transport or buses. Beauty Box brought in the Ortus skin care product which is famous in its sophisticated characteristics of organic pollutants-free botanics and combining modern science Nano-technology, micro-liposome penetrating technology complimenting with skin biological cytology, uncovers the remarkably effectiveness of products working in the skin.


Timely + Vend is the best combination for saloon, spa or any business that require scheduling for customer appointment. Beauty Box prefer the iPad POS solutions and it help a lot for the owner of the business to keep track of daily sales and ability to monitor the bandwidth of each beauty consultant so that they won't be overloaded with appointments. The conveniences of the integrated appointment system really help them to manage the resources and look professional.


Although there are some technical glitch in the POS system during the initial setup, but it got resolved quickly after the solutions provider release the update of the application. We look for something which is easy to use and not cluttered with features that we do not need. Vend is just the right POS for us.

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