POS System (Point-of-sale) Cloud-based

Run better retail and F&B stores with cloud POS

POS system (Point-of-sale) Cloud-based  is one of the leading POS system Singapore experts that transforming the way retail and restaurant businesses operate. With real-time connection across outlets, it makes it so much easier for businesses to manage multiple outlets and utilizing the real-time sales transaction data, business owners are able to make the accurate decision and focus on what is important.

We represent Vend Omnichannel Retail POS software (Retail management system) that has pre-approved by PSG grant and Eats365 iPad POS System that provide the most complete function for restaurant and any F&B business to help the SME to overcome the rising cost and competition from other sales channels.

Since 2013, there are more than 500 retailers in Singapore who benefit from the modern POS machine that we promote. The reliability of our platform empowers SME clients to do more with lower cost and high competitive advantages.

Vend POS
Eats365 Point of sale (POS) system for F&B
Timely Point of sale (POS) syste for salon


Managing Vend inventory with Snapify App

Singapore best

Retail POS System + Inventory management system

Vend Retail POS Solution currently serving close to 500 retailers in Singapore from startup retail to global retail chain. We have helped many grow and modernize the retail point-of-sale (POS) solution. We take pride in offering a dependable system that SME can rely on when they start and grow their business.

With useful features like CRM, inventory management, loyalty, superior stability, security, and data accuracy, we provide a retail pos system that our client can rely on it every day and let them make a judgment with insightful reporting including AI-powered forecast reports.

POS System (Point of sale) for Restaurant

Most Complete

EISOL AskEdmund services combine industry-leading Restaurant management systems to provide the most complete iPad Point-of-sale (POS) software for your business. We work with Eats365 - the most complete F&B solution suite who provides scalable and stable solutions that have established in the regional markets.

Eats365 is also Apple Mobility Partner, which ensure quality and security at international standard and easy to use. Leveraging on our specialist who has over 20 years of F&B experience, we can help you overcome the challenges you face in your F&B business.

Get in touch with us to try the most complete F&B POS solution that is trusted by reputable restaurants, cloud kitchen in Singapore.


Connecting SaaS

We simplify the workflow

While SME is embracing Software as a Services (SaaS) to modernize its IT systems, it still takes time for SaaS solution providers to complete the integration of their software into legacy systems or another SaaS. And before the integration is available, the user has to fall back to perform manual data entry tasks. While an advocate for cloud solutions to our clients, we also focus on bridging the gaps between platforms to automate data flow between SaaS and legacy systems.


Let EISOL data services help you bridge the gaps.

Disclaimer: Platforms integration are subject to technical limitation. To ensure that your existing platforms meet the basic requirements you may be asked to answer some technical questions or arrange our engineer to perform an onsite investigation of your IT infrastructure.


**Limited pos software are connected to Reeward currently. For Non-connected pos merchant can use Reeward store app to interact with Reeward members.

Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Reeward is a customer engagement solution that connect your customers with you through online or offline.


With the build in multi-tiers loyalty programs and all other promotion tools that modern business need for acquiring new customers and retain existing one, Reeward let you design the reward programs that is unique to you and connect to your POS software** to give you and your customer real time update of their purchase and reward.

With loyalty program

You POS System Work better

One size does not always fit all. While we try not to reinvent the wheel, we are working closely with our solution partner to develop plug-in applications to make our partner solutions even better.

EISOL tech team specializes in iOS, Android and hybrid app development. We work closely with solution partners to build an awesome app that makes the solutions provided by our partner even awesome!

with integrated app

F&B Consultancy

Fail to plan is planning to fail. F&B trade is not exceptional to this universal rule. Let us guide you with the important steps that you should not miss while jumpstarting your F&B business. AskEdmund consultancy service focuses on both new or existing business and we will look into the supply chain, marketing, Point-of-sale systems and analytics of your business to help you survive and avoiding common risks that could fail you.

Why us? We are experienced in both operation and technology and we are passionate about F&B trade.

Let's talk!


POS System for Salon & Spa

Trusted by 36,000 people

EISOL Salon & Spa POS (Singapore) solutions address the common challenges that Salon and Spa business are facing. With smart appointment management workflow and auto-reminders for your client, you can see the immediate gain of your profit contributes from significantly lower drop off or no show rate and improve customer service.

A powerful system does not need to be expensive and that was endorsed by 36,000 users globally. We like to invite you to explore a reliable system that will accompany you in many years ahead and help you to succeed in your Salon or Spa business.

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