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Kopi Society


Kopi Society


UE Square #01-22


Once upon a time in sunny Singapore, the rich aroma of freshly grounded coffee powder wafted from the dry provisions corner of every wet market. It was so fragrant, you could almost taste the coffee in your mouth. If you know exactly what it mean and love that nostalgic heady aroma as much as we do, then make Kopi Society your next must-visit cafe!

Kopi Society is full of surprises! They are a modern-concept kopitiam by day and a chillax drinking hole by night. They know nothing eases a hard day at work like a mega mug of ice-cold beer—It’s the epitome of shiok-ness, in our books. If you enjoy having a beer with colleagues after office hours in a friendly environment amidst good music, we are sure Kopi Society will become your next home-away-from-home.


We are good is serving great food and local beverage and we know that the influx of customer during breakfast rush and lunch time can be a nightmare if we do not manage the order properly. Poor order management simply translate to poor customer experience and turning customer away even if you serving great food. We are skeptical with Vend POS as it is a retail POS solution. But the new apps introduce by EISOL delighted us as it is responsive and do what we expect (and more). Cloud manage features is good as we simply outsource the food menu to the vendor to take care for us. We were approach by customer asking us about our POS too.


Rayne and Lynn approaching us just when Vend launching a new Vend App cater for Cafe operation. The ability to segregate food and drink product and get printed to different printer is the core capability to streamline the communication and avoiding "Kitchen nightmare". It carry the gene of "Vend design" which is extremely to operate even for the first time user. The ability to manage every aspect of the solution (hardware, software) over the Internet has reduce the travel time and cost which make it possible for us to keep the cost low and maintain the service level for the subscriber. We believe new Vend App will set a new standard for Cafe business.

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