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Snaffle's Pastry


Snaffle's Pastry


B2-F, Plaza Singapura


In Snaffle's, every morning and every day, under the counter, they arrange the freshest colorful cakes made by professional pâtissiers. Generously using the enviable ingredients of Hokkaido, the sweets convey the feeling of the four seasons in Hokkaido. Including places such as Plaza Singapura, a large shopping center in Singapore, Snaffle's offer variety of confectioneries cultivated in Hokkaido. Snaffle's are a well known pastry shop in Hakodate, Hokkaido, and they have developed the spirit of creating high quality products and serving customers since the foundation.


We love the cheese cake as much as we love our POS solutions. Snaffle's probably offer the best cheese cake you can find in Singapore. The kiosks always flooded by the customer who wanted to grab a box or few after tasting it and they are one of the quickest expanding business we have work with.


After reviewing several POS solutions, we decided to choose Vend as it is simple and easy to use. Another reason that we use it, because it also come with inventory systems to allow us monitor our stock from warehouse to different outlets.

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