A smarter way to engage your customers

Are you struggling to gain more customers or retain them? Most of the business failed because of this reason. Lack of customer and failed to retain existing customer will directly impact your revenue and hurt your profit.

Reeward is a customer engagement solution integrated with the Point-of-sale (POS) system to enable the customer to sign-up themselves, filter duplicate sign-up, and to agree with a customizable Privacy Policies of your own. We develop Reeward to offload administrative tasks that can easily DIY by customers and let you focus on selling, at the same time increase your brand by facilitating conveniences to your customer.

And guess what, we got you covered by giving out Reeward app for free forever. So try it now!



In store App

Let your customer signup members at the kiosk. Signing up a new member can be simple by just facilitating a self-service kiosk for your customers to do it on their own.

We have made the Reeward In-store App smart enough to stop duplicate sign up by checking their phone number and email address. To ensure that you are complying with the PDPA regulation, Reeward will prompt the user to agree on the Terms and Conditions agreement before proceeding to add their details. Your customer gets a confirmation email upon successful sign up too!

Save your time and make your customers impress with smooth signup experience.


Reeward Admin App

The Reeward Admin App is your toolbox to configure how your In-store App works. You can make certain fields mandatory or hide fields that you do not need from the customer. You can edit the Privacy Policy and keep it up to date.

Reeward Admin App lets you keep track of any new customers who joined the membership. Where you get to access this information from the web, or from your smartphone.

We continue to enhance Reeward to make it a customer engagement tool that you will love to use!







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